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Monitoring Energy Consumption of Your Appliances

Start saving today with smart energy monitoring from Smarthome. Everyday more people are gaining the ability to track their overall energy consumption. Knowing how much and often you are consuming electricity will help you manage your finances and prepare for your monthly electric bill. 'Smart meters have the potential to save consumers a lot of money on their energy bills.' -- Richard Lloyd

INSTEON iMeter Solo

Overall consumption is not always enough to make an informed decision. You need to know which appliances, lights, and outlets are draining your wallet. Smarthome has your solution, the iMeter Solo.

The iMeter is a revolutionary plug in device that allows you to monitor and graph the electrical consumption of individual appliances in your home. Simply plug an appliance (up to 15 Amps) into your new iMeter then plug your iMeter into an outlet. It really is that simple, you can install it on your own without the increased cost of having an electrician out. Install an unlimited number of iMeters and view them on your computer and mobile devices using any compatible Insteon computer controller such as HouseLinc or SmartLinc.

INSTEON Energy Display

You can also manage the data collected by iMeter on the Smarthome Energy Display. This portable Energy Display allows you to monitor energy consumption from up to three iMeter Solo's anywhere in your home. Giving you the ability to see, power use, average energy use per month, average cost per month based on your monthly billing rate, and the room's current temperature.

Plug-in Energy Meters

If you want to measure individual appliances but do not need the added features of a home automation system, here are simple plug and play energy meters for instant results.








Descprition Energy Meter with LCD Display Kill-A-Watt Kill-A-Watt EZ Kill-A-Watt-PowerStrip & Energy Meter Watts Up Power Meter Watts Up PRO Power Meter Watts Up net Power Meter
Retail Cost $26.99 $24.99 $49.99 $99.95 $109.99 $140.99 $240.99
Prices are subject to change - click on product images for current pricing or specials.

Whole House Energy Meters

Utility companies are upgrading to smart meters globally, if your meter is out of date you can upgrade it today. Smarthome carries a vast selection of whole house meters to help you gain control of your overall electric consumption and bill.




Descprition PowerCost Monitor and Energy Meter II Z-Wave Home Energy Monitor TED (The Energy Detective) 1000 TED (The Energy Detective) 5000 eMonitor-12 Intelligent Residential Monitor
Retail Cost $109.00 $169.95 $164.95 $239.95 $668.00
Prices are subject to change - click on product images for current pricing or specials.

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