EMX BG-VK3 BlueGuard VK3 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Control Module, Surface Mount - Black

EMX BG-VK3 BlueGuard VK3 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Control Module, Surface Mount - Black

Wirelessly Trigger Low Voltage Devices From a Bluetooth-Enabled Smartphone or Tablet
  • Accessible from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone
  • Examples of low voltage-controlled devices include gates, door strikes, and motorized systems
  • Programmed to recognize an unlimited number of Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • One-touch app available for Android devices
  • Integrates into a variety of low-voltage relay systems
  • When activated, dry contact closure is created
  • Programmable contact closure pulse lasts 3-90 seconds
  • Surface Mount
  • Combine with INSTEON I/O Linc to turn automated appliances on and off


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    • With the EMX BG-VK3 BlueGuard VK3 Bluetooth Free Entry Wireless Access Control Module you can have wireless control over an array of systems with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. This can include gates, doors, lighting and other devices that use low voltage relay control. What makes the EMX BlueGuard VK3 so innovative is its versatility—it combines wireless Bluetooth technology with a wired low-voltage relay system. So rather than carrying your keyfob around, or an RFID card, the EMX BlueGuard VK3 can provide access control from Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. With a range of up to 33 feet, you can conveniently open gates and doors without having to strain yourself. Say goodbye to reaching through car windows; just pick up your Android phone, open the app, and enter your pin.

      The BlueGuard VK3 can be used to create any number of wireless applications: automatically having lights turn on when you get home, remote gate access, arming and disarming security systems, triggering electronic door strikes and more.

      Diagram Parts List: BlueGuard VK3 Sensor (72107), Transformer 1 (70409), Delay Timer (7279), Door Strike (519012), you will also need 22-gauge wiring

      As long as you are in Bluetooth wireless range of the BlueGuard VK3, you can conveniently open gates and doors by entering a unique PIN or activating a one-touch BlueGuard app calibrated for Android smartphones. Using the one-touch interface, the app will send a signal to the BlueGuard VK3 creating a contact closure and triggering the built-in low-voltage relay. That relay then sends a signal output to the device you want to have controlled; ie. access control via an electronic door strike. To ensure that your property stays secure, BlueGuard VK3 pairs with Bluetooth-enabled devices using a unique 6-digit PIN created upon initial set-up. If you want to grant friends, family, employees, tutors, and/or other guests remote access using BlueGuard VK3, it can be programmed to recognize an unlimited number of devices with the PIN. If you are installing this module outdoors, ensure it is not exposed to direct moisture. Additionally, BlueGuard VK3 can be used in industrial locations for warehouse and office security and access control.

      BlueGuard and INSTEON
      Automatically power on your garage and porch light using the BlueGuard VK3. Maximize the potential of this Bluetooth module by integrating it with your INSTEON home automation system. Wiring the BlueGuard VK3 with an INSTEON I/O Linc will give you the convenient ability to simultaneously activate other INSTEON devices (such as an INSTEON bulb as shown below) through your INSTEON Hub, or other INSTEON dual-band device*.

      Diagram Parts List: BlueGuard VK3 Sensor (72107), I/O Linc (2450), INSTEON Hub (2242-222), INSTEON LED Bulb (2672-222), you may also need 22-gauge wiring

      * INSTEON Communication:
      INSTEON I/O Linc sends and receives signals via powerline, it does not have RF capability. For I/O Linc to communicate with another INSTEON device (as suggested in the above example), the receiver or Hub must be on the same electrical phase, unless another Dual-Band INSTEON device is already in place on same electrical circuit as the I/O Linc.

      Installation Guide
      When it comes to installation, the EMX BG-VK3 requires some basic wiring knowledge and may require the help of a licensed electrician. The Blueguard VK3 should be installed in the wall as a permanent fixture. Mount to any flat surface with exposed wiring or use an existing gang box for installation. Wiring will be dependent on the application as shown above. An adjustable time can be set to a simple 3 second pulse for relay trigger, or up to a 90 second pulse to eliminate a need for a supplemental timer. The Blueguard VK3 can be installed outdoors but cannot be in an area exposed to moisture like rain.

      The included 4-foot cable provides connections to the wiring box for power, output, and control signals. BlueGuard VK3’s output consists of a set of form C contacts. The BlueGuard module can be wired to control Normally Closed, Normally Open, and Common relay installations. The VK3 triggers your contact closure with a 5-second pulse. The ARM input provides a means to prevent the BlueGuard from activating its output when it's not needed. This feature may be useful when used with a vehicle loop detector, allowing the BlueGuard to activate its output only when a vehicle is present. When the ARM input is connected to the ARM common the BlueGuard is disabled. Leave this connection disconnected if not used. The common contact is common to both the normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contact. The NO contact will close when an authorized phone comes into range while the NC contact will open.

      BlueGuard’s user interface features a secure, magnetically activated switch to place the unit in set-up mode. See below for more detailed installation instructions:

      1. Connect a digital voltmeter or buzzer to the brown and green wires to check continuity, a DVM should measure “open.”
      2. Connect the BlueGuard module to power 5A @ 240VAC (attach the red + and black – wires)
      3. The Blue LED will be ON for about ten seconds
      4. Place the magnet against the BlueGuard housing and continue to hold it there. The blue LED will turn on for 10 seconds followed by a medium flashing for an additional 20 seconds. Remove the magnet during the medium flashing and the LED will flash faster for 3 minutes. During the 3-minute period BlueGuard is in “Discovery Mode” and can connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices
      5. The BlueGuard module can be activated by any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone by entering a unique pin or with Android smartphones using a one-touch app interface.
      6. To configure the BlueGuard app, press the blue icon button and start the set-up process by selecting the grey set-up button. Enter your device’s name and PIN.

      Android App Download

      The BlueGuard app includes customizable, color-coded icons to indicate the status and connection of your BlueGuard module.

      Wiring Specifications
      Red Wire: Power + (5A @ 240VAC)
      Black Wire: Power - (5A @ 240VAC)
      Brown Wire: Pulse/Presence relay Normally Open (NO)
      Green Wire: Pulse/Presence relay Common (COM)
      White Wire: Pulse/Presence relay Normally Closed (NC)
      Orange Wire: ARM input (optional; may be left unconnected)
      Yellow Wire: ARM common
      Blue Wire: Not used

       EMX BlueGuard Model Comparison

      BG-VK1 BG-VK2 BG-VK3
       Indicators  Blue Status LED
       Remote Mount Status LED
       Hands Free Operation   10 Bonded Cell Phones
       PIN Entry Operation  Unlimited Users (1 PIN)
       Output Relay Rating  2A @ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 120VAC 
       5A @ 240VAC
       Output Relay Mode  Presence/Pulse (1 sec.)
       Pulse (5 sec.)
       Pulse Adjustable (3-90 sec.)
       Toggle (On - Off)
       Enclosure  Sealed, Waterproof

      The BlueGuard VK3 can be used to create any number of Bluetooth controlled relay applications: automatically having lights turn on when you get home, remote gate access, arming and disarming security systems, triggering electronic door strikes and more. BlueGuard VK3 specifically notates that it should not be used with garage door systems. Each model in the BlueGuard family is structured for a specific installation. The BlueGuard VK3 is a Bluetooth PIN or app based low voltage trigger that installs for a permanent application on any wall or hard surface. Some locations for the VK3 include unfinished basements, utility rooms, and workshops.
    • Specifications
      Manufacturer EMX Industries
      Manufacturer Product No. BG-VK3
      Power 12-30 VDC +/- 20% (reverse polarity protected)
      Current Draw 40mA
      Operating Temperature 40° C ~ 82° C (-40&de F ~ 180° F
      Communication Bluetooth Class 2 (up to 10 meters, 33 foot range)
      Inputs ARM to control output activation of relay to designated times
      • Form "C" relay; 2A @ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 120VAC
      • Common, Normally Open, Normally Closed
      Indicators Local blue status LED (optional remote blue status LED)
      • Secure, internal switch to activate setup mode
      • Output duration selection switch, 10 positions
      User Capacity unlimited users (requires correct PIN entry)
      Inputs EGRESS switch input
      • Power (2 wires)
      • Relay, Normally Closed (NC) contact
      • Relay, Common
      • Relay, Normally Open (NO) contact
      • EGRESS input
      • EGRESS common
      • Remote LED output
      Housing Plastic, ABS
      Dimensions 4.90" x 2.25" x 1.50" (12.4cm x 5.7cm x 3.8cm)
      Weight 0.25lbs (114g)

      Please Note: Some phones do not allow simultaneous Bluetooth connections, therefore may not respond to BlueGuard when the phone is paired with a wireless headset or other Bluetooth device. Refer to your phone's owner's manual for further information.

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