Emerson 1F95-0671 Blue 6in Programmable Thermostat

Emerson 1F95-0671 Blue 6in Programmable Thermostat

Save Money and Save Energy with this Programmable Thermostat
  • Program up to four time & temperature settings per day, every day of the week
  • Choose 7-day, 5/1/1-day, or no programming
  • Maintains room temperature within 1 degree
  • Large numerals and blue backlight
  • Battery backup in case of power failure
  • Energy Management Recovery brings your home to temperature at programmed times
  • Change Filter icon reminds you when it's time for a change
  • Universal - works on nearly any HVAC system
  • 4 heating and 2 cooling stages



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  • This thermostat can save you money by programming up to four time/temperature set points per day. Enter programs for every day of the week, tailored to your lifestyle. Program it to warm the home so it's comfortable when your family arises, set it to reduce energy consumption during the day when no one is home, warm it up when people come home, and reduce again when everyone's sleeping. The LCD screen is a large 6 square inches, has large numerals for easy reading, and has a soothing blue backlight. The memory is non-volatile so will retain your programming during power failures, and there's a built-in provision for two AA batteries to maintain the clock settings and insure thermostat operation during power outages. There's an Energy Management Recovery feature that starts to heat or cool early so your home is at the proper temperature at the set times. Cool Savingsā„¢ will change cooling set point temperatures during high utility demand periods. Automatic Daylight Savings Time calculation automatically makes this adjustment on the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November each year (the new DST schedule implemented in 2007). Universal operation will work with gas, oil, or electric systems and heat pumps, whether standard or millivolt.

    Power Stealing Assist
    This technology allows your thermostat to power itself from the HVAC system power and use the batteries for supplemental power and to maintain the clock settings during power failures.

    Cool Savingsā„¢
    Cool Savings adjusts the cooling set point during periods of high utility demand, when electricity rates typically skyrocket. Your thermostat will automatically increase the temperature slowly and incrementally so as to be imperceptible, and depends on the reduced humidity of cooled air to increase your comfort level.

    Energy Management Recovery
    This feature calls for heating or cooling to begin earlier than your programmed times so that your home will reach the set temperature at the set time. The system will begin running approx. 5 minutes early for every 1 degree of temperature required to reach the set point.

    Easy Programming
    This thermostat comes with a patented pre-programmed schedule to make this task as simple as possible. The factory program allows you to enter your comfortable temperature, then it automatically enters a 6-degree setback for nighttime. Entering custom programs is made easier with a copy feature: enter one day, then press a key to copy to other days.

    You may program the thermostat to not allow any inputs from the keypad without a password, or you may choose inputs limited to only the "up" and "down" arrow keys, which can change the temperature setting only within a range you program.

    Filter Change Reminder
    Program the filter change interval to any time between 25 and 1975 hours in 25-hour increments. Typically, 200 operating hours is one month. When the system reaches the set number of operating hours, an icon appears on the screen to remind you that it's time to clean or replace your filter. There's an identical program if your system has an ultraviolet purification lamp that needs periodic replacement.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Emerson
    Manufacturer Product No. 1F95-0261
    Programmable 7 Days
    Power Requirement 20-30VAC, 50/60Hz
    Backup Power 2x AA Batteries
    Contact Rating 1.5A Max Each
    2.5A Max Total
    Setpoint Temp Range 45° to 99°F (7° to 37°C)
    Operating Temp Range 32° to 105°F (0° to 41°C)
    Operating Humidity Max 90% Non-Condensing
    LCD Display 6 sq in Blue Backlit
    Wiring Terminals RC, RH, C, G, Y, Y2, W/E, W2, O/B, L, 6, +, S, -
    Dimensions 6.5" x 4.188" x 1.625"
    Mfgr Warranty 5 years, limited

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    • 1x - Emerson Blue 6in Programmable Thermostat
    • 2x - AA Batteries
    • Wire Identification Stickers
    • 1x - Instruction Manual

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