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 Save Big Bucks on Overstocked Products

Determining how many products to stock in the Smarthome warehouse is tricky business, and when we don't get it just right, we pass the savings on to you! Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these amazing offers and help us clear some shelf space for a new generation of smart stuff for your home.

X10 Activehome Automation Kit
 X10 Activehome Automation Kit
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With the Activehome Two-Way X10 Computer Interface, you can program timed schedules for your lights and appliances and also create X10 macros.
A Digital Camera You Can Wear on your Wrist!
Camera Watch
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Thought a camera/watch was just a fictitious device from a James Bond movie? Think again!
Make Sure Your Loved Ones Have Access to Emergency Help!
Magnavox Security Phone
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Protect your kids or elderly family members from harm by giving them constant access to 911 emergency services.
Edit and Customize Buttons With Your Own Labels!
Silver Touchscreen Remote
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Use your own button names on this customizable A/V remote with timers and macros. Convenient on-touchscreen programming. Slick silver case with a blue backlight make this one cool remote.
Whole-House Control From Your Pool or Jacuzzi!
Weatherproof X10 RF System
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Use this weatherproof 16-device X10 RF receiver for outdoor applications. Enhanced range of up to 200 ft. Plugs in to any convenient receptacle.
A Functioning Clock Radio with a Built-In Wireless Camera!
Wireless Clock Radio Camera
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Keep an eye on your most important assets with this functioning clock radio that features a built-in covert Color surveillance camera!
No More Chlorine Smell, Itchy Eyes and Dangerous Chemicals!
SmartHome Chemical-Free Pool System
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Swim in soft clean water free of chlorine smell, with virtually NO MAINTENANCE
Put a Slide-Out Shelf in Your Rackmounted A/V System!
Slide Out Shelf
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17 W x 14 D slides out 11. Nylon rollers provide smooth operation. Positive stop lockouts. 35 lb. capacity. Occupies only 1 rack space (1 3/4).
Save Time and Money By Pulling One Cable Instead of Several!
 All In One Video/Data Cable
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This cable includes 2 quality quad shield RG6 cables and 2 Cat. 5 cables wrapped into a single cable bundle. Save time and money by pulling one cable instead of four.
Rack Mount Fan Panels
Rack Mount Fan Panels
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Occupying 3 rackspaces, these quiet fan panel assemblies provide quiet cooling for demanding environments. Each assembly comes complete with fan(s) and grille(s) installed.
Can't Run Cables for Your Camera? No Problem!
2.4GHz Wireless Video Camera
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Use these Color and B&W wireless cameras system when you can?t run cable. The video and audio signals are transmitted by wireless RF signals up to 300 ft. to the base unit.
.Complete Control of Your Living Room at Your Fingertips!
The CTO Remote
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Control all the IR devices in your living room with one, elegant touchscreen remote!
Control Your X10 Appliances From Your Pool or Spa!
Water Resistant Case for Wireless X10 Remote
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Protect your X10 or Leviton wireless remote in wet or harsh environments.
Weatherproof & Submersible Tube Cameras
Submersible Color Tube Camera no audio
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Monitor exterior locations with these high-quality, rugged video cameras.
Monitor an Area Up to 180 Degrees with One Camera!
Automatic Panning Dome B&W Camera (flushmount)
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These attractive Color or B&W compact motorized surveillance cameras let you monitor an area of up to 180 degrees (from edge to edge) with one camera.
Take Your Music With You Wherever You Go!
MP3 Watch
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Listen to your MP3 music files while you jog or work out at the gym with this amazing MP3 playing watch!
Control Your Home Theater System by Voice!
Voice Activated Remote Control
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Control your Audio and Video equipment with the sound of your voice!
Remote Control Features in an Easy-to-Install 3-Way Ready Wall Switch!
HomePro 3-Way Dimmer Switch
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This designer-style switch offers you a simple solution for taking automated remote and local control over wired-in light fixtures controlled by two or more switches.
Install a Surveillance Camera Without Running Cable!
900 MHz Wireless Video Camera & Base
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Use this wireless B&W video camera system when you can't run cable.
Change TV Channels From Your Wrist!
Wristwatch IR Remote
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Never search for the TV remote again! Just jump on the sofa and press your watch. Pre-programmed for most major TV/cable box brands, it also learns up to 16 commands.
Repair Scratched Discs and Save Thousands of Dollars!
Motorized Skip Doctor
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Eliminate annoying skips and glitches on your entire CD or DVD collection!
Save Time & Money When Wiring Your Home!
All-In-One Video/Data/Speaker Cable
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Get 2 quad shield RG6 cables, 2 Cat. 5 cables and 2 pairs of 14-ga. speaker cable in a single cable bundle!

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