Your Eyes Can Be Everywhere at Once
Your Eyes Can Be Everywhere at Once
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Dear SMARTHOME.COM™ Discount Club Member

When you hear strange sounds in the night do you:

a) Snuggle more tightly under your blanket

b) Grab a big stick and a flashlight to investigate

c) Flip channels on your TV to see what it is

More than likely the sound was caused by an animal or something else harmless. However, we all know how worrying it can be not knowing for sure. The other alternative of going to investigate is probably worse as it can put your life in danger.

Imagine how nice it would be to be able to simply flip to channel 60 to view your front yard, flip to channel 63 to view the backyard etc. And.. to be able to do this from any TV in the house.

If you have PIP (Picture in picture) capability on your TV, you can even keep an eye on your kids while you are watching your favorite show. And... just like your favorite show you can record the video onto any convenient VCR. So you can show your neighbor evidence of their dog digging up your yard.

Doing this is easier and more affordable than you might think. Installation usually requires not much more than a screwdriver and a cordless/corded drill. Here is how to do it:

1) Install Weatherproof Video Cameras

Decide what areas you want to monitor. Usually this will be the front yard, backyard and any other potential entry areas into your home. Install cameras where they will be protected from direct sunlight and rain. Usually this is under the eaves at the corners of your home.

We recommend using hardwired cameras for reliability and picture quality. These weatherproof tube cameras are some of our best sellers. They are cool looking, tough and give a good picture quality. They come complete with 100ft of cable, power supply and swivel base for easy plug-in installation.

Weatherproof & Submersible Tube Cameras

For a greater selection visit our surveillance camera index. All the cameras we carry provide the same type of signal output and can be hooked up the same way.

Click Here for Our Surveillance Camera Index

Click here to learn more about hooking up video cameras and cable types.

2) Install Video Modulators

The Video Modulator is the secret to putting surveillance cameras onto your own TV channel. It converts the 'baseband' signal that comes out of the surveillance camera into a cable channel signal that your TV can tune into. Simply attach the camera output to the modulator, hook the output of the modulator to one of the inputs of your video distribution panel and presto you have you very own surveillance camera channel.

If you don't have any free inputs on your video distribution panel, or you don't have a video distribution system, you can simply use an inexpensive splitter/combiner to 'inject' the video signal into the existing cable system that feeds your TVs.

Modulators can create channels on any channel where there is no existing cable or TV channel. We carry a wide range of modulators that cover different channel ranges and have different features.

Browse through the index below to find a modulator that suits your needs.

Video Modulators

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