Light Up the House Before You Come Home at Night
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Light Up the House Before You Come Home at Night!
Despite locks, security systems and other safety precautions, entering a dark house can still be a little scary. Even if you're not worried about intruders, you could still trip and fall over that skateboard your teenager left on the ground. But why feel your way over to a wall switch, when with a few affordable devices, you can light the place up like a Hollywood movie set even before you enter the house?

This can be easily accomplished with the help of X10 technology. We have remote controls that can control up to 16 different lights, smart timers that can turn lights on in any sequence you wish, or sensors that turn lights on when the sun goes down, or when motion is detected...

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Monitor vacation homes remotely with the 8-Input Sensaphone, which calls you when up to eight sensors detect hazardous conditions. Save $20!

Products so innovative, we had to invent them ourselves, like FilterLinc modules that filter line noise from appliances up to 10 amps. $49.99
Sale prices good through Thursday, January 2, 2003.

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