2 Keypads for the price of 1
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2 Keypads for the Price of 1

You won't have to compromise any lighting with the KeypadLinc 6 with Integrated Dimmer, an in-wall controller that controls individual lights, or triggers whole-house mood lighting 'scenes,' at the touch of a button!

The KeypadLinc 6 offers all the features of our flagship SwitchLinc 2-Way Dimmer. Yes, every feature! Plus, it gives you all the control and flexibility found in our standard KeypadLinc 6.

The New PowerLinc IP

The PowerLinc IP allows you to remotely control, monitor or receive messages from home automation devices via SmarthomeLive without the need to keep a PC on at the monitoring site. Your price: $104

6 Zone Lighting Control
2-KeypadLincs               4-RX Dimmers
1-Coupler-Repeater         1-BoosterLinc

Only $399!
Save 17%
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Brand New Home Theater Control
The Sony Color Touchscreen Editable Remote is the ultimate in home entertainment control. Your price: $699.99
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