Special Deals from Smarthome and Bose?
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Special Deals from Smarthome and Bose?

To be better, you have to be different. That principle is clearly evident with products and technologies from Bose Corporation, which is dedicated to improving your life with quality sound in ways you may not imagine. A couple of shining examples are the Wave? radio and Wave? radio/CD, which help start the day right by waking you with gentle, low-volume music that gradually increases to your preferred setting.
Starting at

To enjoy the sound of a large component music system without all the equipment and all the complexity, we offer the Acoustic Wave? music system. Instead of a roomful of equipment, you get a single unit you can put just about anywhere.
Surround Sound Without Room Invasion

Three wires, two speakers, one easy system. With the all-new
3-2-1 home entertainment system, the first thing you?ll notice is what you don?t notice. Five speakers are replaced by two, and a stack of electronics is replaced with a single unit that plays DVDs, CDs and MP3 on CD.

Turn the Volume Down on the World Around You

Dramatically reduce the roar of the engine on airplanes, trains and buses with a Bose QuietComfort? Acoustic Noise Canceling? headset. Enjoy in-flight movies or experience music with deep, full sound, or simply relax without unwanted noise.

These Aren?t Most Speakers

Looking for home entertainment speakers that combine high performance with a slim and elegant design? Then look no further than the Bose 161? speakers! You?ll hear rich stereo sound almost anywhere in the room, instead of one small ?sweet spot.?

Home Theater That Really Speaks to You

Want to upgrade your home theater system one component at a time? Start with the VCS-10? center channel speaker, an advanced Bose solution combining lifelike movie dialogue and high performance for home theater sound that isn?t all talk.

Prices listed here are good through Tuesday, June 11, 2002 at 5PM EST.

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