A Free X10 Lamp Module With Purchases Over $25*
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A Free X10 Lamp Module With Purchases Over $25*


Between the Indy 500, the Coca-Cola 600 and the Monaco Grand Prix, it?s going to be a big weekend for racing fans, and SmarthomePro is revving up the savings by offering a free X10 lamp module with any purchase over $25*. And while you?re at it, it?s also a great time to stock up on X10 Appliance Modules. We even discounted them even further to help boost your profit margins!
Now only $9.99

If your customers like the concept of X10, but don?t like the look of external modules, then upgrade the sale with X10 Split Receptacles! Unless they?re comfortable with electrical wiring, it?s also a great opportunity to sell your installation expertise.
Affordable X10 Wall Switches!

With a chassis that costs $300K and engines costing $100K, Indy 500 cars ain?t cheap. The good news is that not everything is that expensive. In fact, these bargain X10 Dimmer Switches are the most affordable Decora-style X10 switches available!

Save Nearly $50 on a 12-Zone Distribution Panel!

Just because the Brickyard uses colored flags as a source of communication doesn?t mean you have to! Now you can save $50 on a FutureSmart Pro Panel that distributes voice, video and data signals to 12 zones.
Now just $999.99 a piece!

SmarthomePro Dealer Tips 
New SmarthomePro Dealer Reps!
SmarthomePro is very excited to offer yet another service: Dedicated dealer reps! Now you can call in and get the same rep every time. They can help you with current or future projects, making sure you get what you need, when you need it. Give us a call at (800) 949-6255 and find out what real customer service is all about!

Save $10 on High-Performance Door Locks!

To drive 500 miles in a couple of hours, you have to rely on some pretty high-performance equipment. And if your customers demand the same degree of performance in their door locks, these Digital Door Locks are perfect!
Only $69.99 each!

Keep it Neat!

The Indy 500 Brickyard has more than 300,000 seats, and on race day, almost every single one will be filled. Which is more than you can say about your custom wall jacks ? unless you fill in gaps with Leviton QuickPort Blank Snap-In Covers.
Starting at $12.99

*To get your free X10 lamp module with a purchase  of $25 or more, enter promotion code E2K0221-2 on the SmarthomePro.com checkout page. The $25 minimum purchase applies to the merchandise total, not shipping costs or taxes where applicable. The promotion and advertised prices are good through Friday, May 31, 2002 at 5PM EST.

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