Order Today and Get it in Time for Memorial Day Weekend
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Order Today and Get it in Time for Memorial Day Weekend

There?s only one week until Memorial Day, the day to honor those who have given their lives serving the country. As a three-day weekend, it?s also a great chance to spend time with family or catch up on home improvement projects. One of the most popular projects is hooking up a home surveillance system, a task made easier with maintenance-free Weatherproof Tube Cameras that withstand virtually all climates!
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Another project to make your home safer is installing Leviton X10 Motion Detector Floodlights, which can turn on multiple sets of floodlights, or other X10-controlled lights in your home, when one detects motion.
Maximize Safety on the Road

Any time there?s a long weekend, you can count on freeways being crowded with RVs, boat trailers and road trippers. But even if you do experience a roadside emergency, stay safe with a battery-operated Turbo Flare that warns other motorists for miles.

Great for Summer Cookouts!

As the unofficial start of summer, the weekend is a big one for barbecue fans. So if you plan on trimming meat or chopping slaw this season, you?ll love our Titanium Chef?s Knife that maintains sharpness six times longer than stainless steel.
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Don?t Forget Your Sunscreen!

Are you one of those people who always forgets something every time you go out of town for a long weekend? Then set the Forget-Me-Not Message Center near the front door and it will play your personally-recorded message when it detects motion!

Enjoy Stellar X10 Performance!

Do you depend on your X10 system to make your house look lived in while you?re away for the weekend? Then make sure it?s working in top form by using Plug-In Noise Filters to isolate devices that introduce noise on the powerline.

Prices listed here are good through Friday, May 24, 2002 at 5PM EST.

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