New X10 product additions
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New X10 Product Additions

Need a powerline-controllable switch that can handle higher loads? These HomePro A10 Relay Rocker Switches are rated to handle loads up to 20A. They're perfect for high-wattage lighting, pool equipment and other non-dimming loads. As low as: $29.59

Having trouble finding bugs or other small glitches in an extensive X10 system? Thoroughly troubleshooting the system is easy with the X10 Test Transceiver. Your price: $239.99

Powerful Motion-Based Lighting

Add motion-controlled lighting to any residential or commercial application with the Leviton Commercial-Grade Occupancy Sensor. Your price: $41.99

X10-Based Temperature Control

The TXB-16 Bi-Directional X10 HVAC System not only responds to X10 commands, but also has the ability to send reports via X10. Your price: $223.99

Accurately Measure Distances Instantly

The Optical Measuring Ranger makes measurements easy. Your price: $47.99

Easy Vacation-House Monitoring

Allow clients to keep tabs on vacation homes with Sensaphone. As low as: $295.99

Upcoming Smarthome Design Certified Lighting Integrator Course Training Dates:
  • February, 10, 2004 — San Jose, CA
  • February, 12, 2004 — Sacramento, CA
  • February, 24, 2004 — Portland, OR
  • February, 25, 2004 — Seattle, WA
  • February, 27, 2004 — Vancouver, BC
  • March, 9, 2004 — Orlando, FL
  • March, 16, 2004 — San Diego, CA
  • March, 17, 2004 — Los Angeles, CA
  • March, 18, 2004 — Irvine, CA
  • March, 19, 2004 — Phoenix, AZ
  • March, 29, 2004 — Las Vegas, NV
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Prices good through Wednesday, February 11, 2004 at 5PM EST.

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