ELK Products Two-Way Wireless Ready M1 Gold Home Monitoring Kit
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ELK Products Two-Way Wireless Ready M1 Gold Home Monitoring Kit

Flexible Home Security System uses Wired and Wireless Sensors for Remote Monitoring
  • Full, true two-way signal acknowledgement
  • Never obsolete with automatic firmware updates
  • 500-plus word/phrase vocabulary for voice prompt notifications
  • Monitors and adjusts RF levels for signal delivery and prolonged battery life
  • Security panel is expandable up to 208 on-board zones and 144 wireless zones
  • External battery backup for access control, fire alarm, and security alarm systems

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  • ELK Product's ELK-M1GSYS4STW Two-Way Wireless Ready M1 Gold Home Monitoring Kit allows you to monitor your home for added safety and security. The sensors are wireless and capable of receiving acknowledgment that signals were received for quick and easy installation. The kit includes an ELK M1 control board that accepts ELK wired sensors and devices, and a two-way wireless transceiver that allows you to add ELK wireless sensors throughout your home. You can remotely monitor the status of your home and be notified of an intrusion. The M1 Gold Home Monitoring Kit also includes an ELK M1 Control Board, M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver, two four button key fobs, M1 LCD Low Profile Keypad, Structured Wiring Box, Sealed 12V Lead Acid Battery, AC Transformer, Echo Paintable Compact Speaker, In-line Telephone Surge Protector, and a Telco Jack and Cord.

    This kit includes a voice dialer to deliver preset voice status alerts via telephone. The voice alerts are created from the M1 Gold's 500-plus word vocabulary, which provides voice prompts for telephone remote control and can inform up to eight separate users the system status, and provides you detailed information on alarms, zone descriptions, and statuses of monitored areas. However, the ELK M1 system can also be IP enabled with the addition of an ELK M1 Ethernet Port Expander and Interface, giving you the ability to receive a preset text or e-mail for selected events. You can monitor status via computer with free M1ToGo software, or monitor status via Apple or Android apps. There is also a cloud based service, Connect One, for M1 controls.

    The system is designed to continually check and monitor the status of all sensors through an active two-way auto-sync feature to ensure the devices are functioning properly. In addition to the active two-way auto-sync feature, the wireless transceivers and sensors communicate by sending one signal at a time that will automatically route through different devices until the signal reaches the transceiver and acknowledges the command or alert.

    Programming the M1 Gold

    Programming the M1 Gold is simple using the included LCD keypad. The keypad is a requires no manual and is full-text menu driven. You will be able to arm, disarm, or idle your monitoring system directly from the keypad.

    Voice Announcement Feature

    The M1 Gold's voice announcement feature provides clear alerts and announcements to provide you detailed information on alarms, zone descriptions, and status of monitored areas. The voice announcement feature supports up to 500-plus word/phrase vocabulary that links up to 6 words/phrases per announcement while also giving you the option of additional 10 custom recordable words/phrases. The integrated voice dialer also uses vocabulary or custom words and phrases which is extremely user-friendly.

    Built-in Telephone

    The built-in telephone feature is also extremely useful for monitoring your home. The built-in telephone remote control makes any phone a keypad, and when an alarm is triggered the M1 Gold will call you and leave a message or alert informing you of the particulars and specifics during system activity and alerts you to predetermine settings and situations. With the built-in telephone, you can also call into the system or pick up any phone in the house and arm or disarm the M1 Gold.

    Stater Kit Parts

    • M1 Control Board

    • When triggered, the control board sends you standard or customized alerts through the Compact Echo Speaker (included) or your phone. The control board alerts are created from the M1 Gold's 500-plus word vocabulary, which can contact up to eight separate users and provides voice prompts for built-in landline or mobile phone remote control.

    • M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver

    • The M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver allows an ELK M1 or ELK M1EZ8 controller to receive and transmit wireless radio frequency (RF) signals to ELK Two-Way wireless transmitters. The transceiver connects to an ELK controller via the 4-wire RS-485 Data Bus and supports up to 144 individual wireless sensors. Multiple receivers (sold separately) may be added for additional coverage. The transceiver documents transmissions in the control's event log. The transceiver's firmware is "flash" updatable.

    • 4 Button Wireless Keyfob

    • The Two-Way Wireless Key fob features 4 color coded buttons and a single LED feedback indicator. The key fob allows you to Arm, Disarm, Interrogate (query) the Alarm System Status, and Trigger programmable events such as a Panic Alarm, Relay activation, and more. The key fob communicates with the transceiver by sending a unique TXID identifier, then waiting for an acknowledgement that the command was received. Additional unique features include a half-a-second accidental event activation lag to prevent false commands, on-demand status update capabilities, extended communication range, and a long battery life.

    • M1 LCD Low Profile Keypad

    • The M1 LCD Low Profile Keypad is wall-mounted and is your main control point for the security system. The keypad features a 32 character backlit display and blue lighted keys. The keypad also features a text-driven menu that allows for easy programming and system integration.

    • Structured Wiring Box

    • The Structured Wiring Box is ideal for small homes, apartments, or condos and can house a security control and associated peripherals. A telephone, CATV, and network, structured wiring components may also be housed in the Structured Wiring Box.

    • Sealed Lead Acid Battery

    • The Sealed Lead Acid Battery is a great battery backup for powering high energy applications such as Access Control Systems, Security Alarm Systems, emergency lights, lighted exit signs, and uninterruptible power supplies.

    • Compact Echo Speaker

    • The Compact Echo Speaker is a 20 Watt, 8 Ohm mounts in your home to deliver voice alerts produced by the controller which are projected off the surface it is mounted on when the alarm is triggered. The plastic enclosure is designed to blend into your decor naturally and can be painted to match the mounting surface. The speaker mounts to any flat surface or a single-gang "J" box.

    • In-line Telephone Surge Protector

    • The In-line Telephone Surge Protector protects your phone line from lighting, voltage spikes, and surge damage.

    • Telco Jack and Cord

    • The Telco Jack and Cord is for use with Alarm System Communicators, Line Fault devices, or other equipment as a means of connecting to the incoming telephone line.

      Remote Control Options

    • M1ToGo

    • The M1ToGo is Windows software for PCs providing you full access to your M1 system to control and monitor security, lighting, thermostats, door or gate access as well as any other sub-systems integrated with the M1. The M1ToGo is available for FREE download with no monthly fees and can be installed on a USB flash drive for portability.

    • eKeypad

    • The eKeypad family of smartphone applications for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad allow you to choose the level of remote control you desire with your M1 system. Apps range from Security only to the ability to control everything integrated with an M1 system plus Russound Audio and viewing of CCTV cameras. eKeypad apps are available at a nominal cost with no monthly fees.

    • myKeypad Pro

    • myKeypad Pro is an Android smart phone and/or tablet application for M1 Controls. Remotely control security, lighting, thermostats, outputs, and more. myKeypad Pro is available at a nominal cost with no monthly fees.

    • Connect One

    • Connect One is a web hosted service that lets you view, manage, and control M1 systems through any web enabled device, including smartphones. Connect One is the only service allowing you to manage multiple M1 controls, as well as, providing businesses the capability to manage their employee's security credentials. Connect One requires monthly fees based on the complexity of the system(s).

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer ELK Products
    Manufacturer Product No. ELK-M1GSYS4STW
    UPC 762158160264
    Manufacturer Warranty 2-year limited warranty
    M1 Gold Cross Platform Control Specifications
    Flash Memory Allows field updates to firmware electronically
    Device Support Supports 4-wire (any zone) and 2-wire (zone 16) smoke detectors
    Fire Alarm Verification Routine Plug-in terminal blocks make service and pre-wires a snap
    Hardware and Memory Hardware "watchdog" and nonvolatile EEPROM memory
    Zone Capacity 16 on-board zones expandable to 208
    Wireless Capability Up to 144 zones
    Data Bus RS-232 Serial Port to interface to computers and peripheral devices
    Memory Capacity Time/Date stampled 512 event history log
    Programming Interface Menu driven, full text keypad programming-no manual required
    Voice Announcement For alarms, zone descriptions, status, etc.

    500+ word/phrase vocabulary

    Link up to 6 words/phrases per announcement

    10 custom recordable word/phrases
    On-board Outputs 13 total

    *1 voice/siren

    *1 siren driver

    *1 form °C "relay

    10 low current (50mA) outputs
    Areas and Account Numbers Can be partitioned into 8 separate areas and account numbers
    User Codes 199 (4 or 6 digit) with assignable authority levels
    Arm levels Away


    Stay Instant


    Nite Instant

    M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver Specifications
    Operating Frequency 902 Mhz to 928 Mhz
    Transmission Duration (Active On-time) 50 ms
    Sensitivity > 105 dbm
    Operating Temperature 0 to +120 degrees F
    Operating Voltage 12 Volts D.C.
    Current Draw 25mA receiving, 85mA transmitting
    Housing Dimensions 6.75 inches x 4.69 inches x 1.13 inches
    Compatible Sensors 4-Button Keyfob

    Mini Window Sensor

    Motion Sensor (PIR)

    Slime Line Door and Window Sensor

    Universal 3-zone Sensor

    Motion Sensor (PIR) with Pet Immunity
    Four Button Keyfob Specifications
    Operating Frequency 902 Mhz to 928 Mhz hopping
    Auto-Sync Not Applicable
    Power Source Permanent, non-replaceable battery
    Battery Life 5 years
    Operating Temperature 14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C)
    Relative Humidity 5-95% Non-Condensing
    Unique TXID Code Over 1 million combinations
    Dimensions 1.37 inches (W) x 2.44 inches (L) x 0.52 inches (D) td>
    M1 LCD Low Profile Keypad Specifications
    Connection 6 Pin Plug-in °Flying Lead" Connector (Included)
    Color White
    Operating Voltage 13.8 VDC
    Current Draw ~30 mA Idle (low back light level, sounder silent)

    ~85mA Fully Active (max. back light and sounder active)
    Dimensions 4.658 inches (W) x 5.5 inches (H) x 0.95 inches (D) (0.375 inches (D) with recess mount)
    Structured Wiring Box Specifications
    Metal Gauge 18 gauge
    Dimensions 14.25 inches (W) x 14.25 inches (H) x 3.5 inches (D)
    Sealed Lead Acid Battery Specifications
    Nominal Voltage 12 Volts
    Rated Capacity 8 AH (20 hour rate)
    Terminals F1-Faston Tab No. 187
    Electrical Specifications Capacity 77°F (25°C)

    20 hour rate (0.375A) -8AH

    10 hour rate (0.71A) � 7.1AH

    5 hour rate (1.27A) � 6.37AH

    1 hour (4.5A) � 4.5AH
    Electrical Specifications Capacity affected by Temperature (20 hour rate)

    104° (40°C) � 102%

    77°F (25°C) � 100%

    32°F (0°C) � 85%

    5°F (-15°C) � 65%
    Electrical Specifications Cycle: Initial Charging Current less than 2.25A

    Voltage 14.4V � 15.0V at 77°F (25°C)

    Standby:Voltage 13.5V � 13.8V at 77°F (25°C)
    Dimensions 5.94 inches (L) x 2.56 inches (W) x 3.74 inches (H)

    151 millimeters (L) x 65 millimeters (W) x 95 millimeters (H)

    Total Height: 3.98 inches (101 millimeters)
    ELK-TRG 1640 16.5 VAC, 45VA Specifications
    Input Voltage 120 VAC, 60Hz, 0.43W
    Output Voltage TRG1640=16.5 Volts A.C.

    TRG2440=24 Volts A.C.
    Output Power TRG1640=45 VA

    TRG2440=40 VA
    Color White
    Dimensions 4.14 inches (H) x 2.74 inches (W) x 2.2 inches (D)
    Compact Echo Speaker Specifications
    Impedance 8 Ohms
    Rating 20 Watts Nominal
    Frequency Response 500 to 7000 Hz
    Dimensions 4.56 inches (H) x 4.3 inches (W) x 1.875 inches (D)
    Inline Telephone Surge Protector Specifications
    Response Time < 1 nanosecond
    Maximum Signal Voltage 250V (peak)
    Breakdown Voltage 280V (nominal)
    Maximum �Peak� Pulse Current 100 Amps
    Manufacturer Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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    Great product, hopeless documentation Review by Kumar
    Great product, hopeless documentation

    You hear about this great product, and decide to buy the product. I am fairly technical person and very hands on. I start going through their documentation and my god. I am trying to watch videos, re-read documentation and it just does not make sense.

    The documentation is only written for professionals to refer during installation, not for a DIY user. What do these words mean - EOL, normally open, normally closed, security alert on Open/Short? Should I take a course on micro electronics to install this product? They assume you as an end user know all the jargons. I am investing time to google these, trying to learn and then implement, but the documentation is a let down.

    Posted on 10/14/2015

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    • 1x - M1 Gold Cross Platform Control Board
    • 1x - M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver
    • 1x - Four Button Keyfob
    • 1x - M1 LCD Low Profile Keypad
    • 1x - Structured Wiring Box
    • 1x - Sealed Lead Acid Battery
    • 1x - ELK-TRG1640 16.5 VAC, 45 VA
    • 1x - Compact Echo Speaker
    • 1x - In-line Telephone Surge Protector
    • 1x - Telco Jack and Cord

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