Elk ELK-6010 Two-Way Wireless 4-Button Keyfob Remote Control

Wireless Keychain Remote Provides 4 Push Buttons with LED Feedback Indicator
  • Compatible with the ELK Two-Way Wireless Transceiver
  • Arm, disarm, check status, and trigger a panic alarm
  • Status inquiry button and LED indicator
  • 902 Mhz - 928 Mhz frequency hopping
  • This is Version 2 of this product - which features a replaceable battery (it is no longer a sealed battery compartment)



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  • The ELK-6010 is a Wireless Two-Way Keychain Remote (FOB) with 4 buttons and a single LED feedback indicator. From this two-way remote it is possible to Arm, Disarm, interrogate (query) the Alarm System Status, and trigger other programmable events such as Panic Alarm, Relay activation, etc. The Keychain Remote is compatible with Wireless Transceivers and Controls that accept Elk's two-way technology, such as the ELK-M1XRFTW. Each time a pushbutton is pressed on the keyfob it sends a unique TXID identifier to the transceiver and then listens for an acknowledgement. The 6010 features Elk's Industry Leading Two-Way Technology, capable of on-demand status updates as well as extended range and extremely long battery life.

    More About ELK Two-Way Wireless Technology
    The ONLY Way is Two-Way! ELK's industry leading two-way wireless technology for the M1 Control revolutionizes the reliability and functionality of wireless peripherals for homes and businesses. Full, true two-way signal acknowledgement ensures verification of the current state of all sensors through active two-way auto sync. It assures installation confidence through signal quality and status. There are LED indicators that verify communication. The units constantly monitor and adjusts ideal RF power level to deliver clear signal while maximizing battery life. The technology utilizes 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum to increase signal diversity and agility to make sure that signal gets through.

    The 6010 two-way Keychain Remote displays confirmation of transmitted commands as well as M1 system status utilizing a two-color LED (Green/Red) Indicator. The 4 buttons (keys) on the 6010 can actually be used to trigger up to 6 defined events, programmable from the M1 Keypad [Wireless Setup > Keyfob Defintions] menu or ElkRP Software. NOTE: All buttons require at least a 1/2 second press duration to avoid accidental event activations. Some buttons require even longer durations (see below). By factory default buttons 1 thru 4 will trigger keyfob definitions 1 thru 4, pressing buttons 1 & 2 simultaneously will trigger definition 7, and pressing buttons 3 & 4 simultaneously will trigger definition 8. There is also an option, programmable by wireless zone, that allows buttons 1 thru 4 to be converted to respond as buttons 5 thru 8. This will allows 2 different users to have their own 4 triggerable events. The key (buttons) and their markings, along with the default functionality is as follows:

    • Key (Button) #1 Yellow [ LOCK ] - Default definition=0027 [Key Momentary Arm-Away]. Shortly after this button is pressed the status LED will illuminate RED if the Control has armed. Note: If the Control had a recent Alarm that was not cleared or acknowledged it will take 2 presses to Armlng. The first press will acknowledge the previous Alarm and illuminate GREEN.
    • Key (Button) #2 Green [ UNLOCK ] - Default definition=0029 [Key Momentary Disarm]. Shortly after this button is pressed the status LED will illuminate GREEN if the Control has disarmed. Note: If an Alarm is active this button will initially silence the Alarm, after which a second press will be needed to acknowledge the alarm and prepare the control for the next Arming.
    • Key (Button) #3 Blue [ i ] - This key has a dual role. A short 1/2 sec. press will trigger a status inquiry to the M1. The expected response will be: GREEN=System Disarmed, RED=System Armed, Flashing RED=System in Alarm (Memory), or Blank=Out of Range. OPTIONAL: Pressing and holding this button for 4 seconds will activate programmable definition 3. The default definition of button 3=0000 [blank]. It is up to the Installer to program the optional definition.
    • Key (Button) #4 Red [ Triangle ] - OPTIONAL: Pressing and holdiing this button for 2 seconds will activate programmable definition 4. Because of the 2 second press time this button is best suited for activating a Panic type of alarm. But the default definition of button 4=0000 [blank]. It is up to the Installer to program the definition for this optional feature.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Elk Products
    Manufacturer Product No. ELK-6010
    UPC 762158160103
    Frequency 902 Mhz - 928 Mhz frequency hopping
    Auto-Sync Type Not applicable
    Dimensions 1.37" W x 2.44" L x 0.52" D
    Operating Temperature 14° to 104° F (-10° to 40° C)
    Relative Humidity 5-95% Non-Condensing
    Battery Non-Replaceable, est. 5 yr life based on typical use
    Unique TXID Code Over 1 million combinations

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    Elk Remote 72848 Review by Top
    Elk Remote 72848

    I purchased 2 of these remotes they both have gone inoperative in 3 years. I would gather that the batteries have gone dead and since they are sealed units and one cannot replace the batteries. Not a good design.

    Smarthome Response:
    As of 02/07/17, this product no longer has a sealed battery compartment, so the battery is now replaceable.

    Posted on 10/2/2016

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