ELK ELK-0650 Sealed Lead Acid Battery 6V 5AH

ELK ELK-0650 Sealed Lead Acid Battery 6V 5AH

Use Sealed Lead Acid Battery for Battery Backup and Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery with 6 volts and 5AH rated capacity
  • Battery backup for access control systems, fire alarm systems and security alarm systems
  • Use for emergency lights, lighted exit signs and uninterruptible power supplies


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  • The ELK ELK-0650 Sealed Lead Acid Battery 6V 5AH is excellent for the following applications with regard to size, Amp hour rating, and proper terminal connections: battery backup (for Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Security Alarm Systems), emergency lights, lighted exit signs, and uninterruptible power supplies.

    • Nominal Voltage: 6 Volts
    • Rated Capacity: 5 AH (20 hour rate)
    • Length: 2.76" (70mm)
    • Width: 1.85" (47mm)
    • Height: 3.94" (100mm)
    • Total Height w/ terminals: 4.18" (106mm)
    • Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.9kg)
    • Terminals: F1-Faston Tab No. 187
    • Electrical Capacity 77°F(25°C):
    • 20 hour rate (0.25A); 5AH
    • 10 hour rate (0.475A); 4.75AH
    • 5 hour rate (0.85A); 4.25AH
    • 1 hour rate (3.0A); 3.0AH
    • Internal Resistance, Fully Charged Battery (77°F): 22m omega
    • Capacity affected by Temperature (20 hour rate)
    • 104°F (40°C); 102%
    • 77°F (25°C); 100%
    • 32°F (0°C); 85%
    • 5°F (-15°C); 65%
    • Charge Constant Voltage
    • Cycle: Initial Charging Current less than 1.5A
    • Voltage 7.2V - 7.5V at 77°F(25°C)
    • Standby: Voltage 6.75V - 6.9V at 77°F(25°C)
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    Review of 72804 Review by FORREST
    Review of 72804

    You should not ask for information on how a product is working if it is a battery. It takes several months to determine if this product will perform as advertised......sorry for the delay. The item came quickly and the order was filled properly. The quality of the item will only be determined after use for several months.

    Posted on 3/31/2013

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