Elertus ELRT10 Smart Sensor with Door Sensor


Elertus ELRT10 Smart Sensor with Door Sensor

Monitor. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Remotely monitor your home via an app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Included Smart Sensor monitors leaks, doors, temperature, humidity, movement and light
  • Includes separate Conventional Door Sensor and Micro Door Sensor accessories
  • Free 24/7 monitoring service
  • Receive alerts via smartphone notifications, text messages and emails
  • Up to five people receive alerts
  • Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and activate it in just a few simple steps
  • Compact and wireless, it can fit almost anywhere
  • With normal usage, it can run over a year on just two AA batteries


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  • Our mobile phones, tablets and computers connect us to the people who matter to us the most: our family members, our friends, our jobs and more. Whether you are across town or across country, you no longer have to worry about the condition of your most important things. Now, ordinary household items—the things that matter most to us—are getting smarter and connected. Imagine your phone, tablet or computer instantly reporting when something happens to your important things. Check the status or receive alerts on anything you choose to monitor through the smartphone app, instant message, text, or email regardless of where you are! The Elertus Smart Sensor can help you keep your most important things by monitoring:
    •  Door opens/closes
    •  Temperature
    •  Humidity
    •  Movement
    •  Light

    This kit includes a Micro Door Sensor and a Conventional Door Sensor. An additional Water Leak Sensor and Wet/Dry Temperature Probe can also be added (sold separately).

    If you don't need the Door Sensors, and wish to have and extra Water Leak Sensor instead, Smarthome offers the Elertus Smart Sensor with Water Leak Detection as well.

    Please Note:
    •  The Elertus Smart Sensor with Water Leak Detection includes one Smart Sensor and one Water Leak Sensor
          •  The Smart Sensor will support the use of two Water Leak Sensors
                •  A Y-Cable is required for two Water Leak Sensors on one Smart Sensor
    •  The Elertus Smart Sensor with Door Sensor includes a Smart Sensor and two Door Sensors
          •  The Smart Sensor will only support one Door Sensor
    •  A Temperature Probe accessory is also available
          •  The Smart Sensor will only support one Temperature Probe
    •  Multiple Water Leak Sensors, Door Sensors and Temperature Probes cant be used simultaneously with one Smart Sensor
    •  The Elertus App does support multiple Smart Sensors
          •  So you can monitor multiple Water Leak Sensors, Door Sensors and Temperature Probes separately by using multiple Smart Sensors

    Looking for added peace of mind that comes from knowing about your valuables? Want to keep track of a particular cabinet or room? It’s all possible when you use our new Internet of Everything (IoE) technology that’s “Powered by Elertus.” Combining your existing home or business internet connection and a wireless router with a small, multi-function Elertus Sensor monitors your things that matter most. Elertus technology immediately tells you exactly what’s going on. Customize the Elertus Smart Sensor to receive only the alerts you want and how you want to receive them – for up to five users. CThe Elertus Sensor immediately sends you Alerts when the previously determined thresholds you’ve set—called Trigger Points—are reached. The Elertus Sensor communicates these Alerts over the Internet to the Elertus Internet Cloud Service. The Cloud Service instantly reports door opens and closes, suspicious movements due to tampering, temperature levels, humidity levels, and the presence of light via:
    •  Smartphone app
    •  Text message
    •  Email message
    •  Web browser

    The Elertus Smart Sensor is a small, battery-powered sensor that is discreet and connects to any wireless network (Wi-Fi). Because it is so small and wireless it can fit almost anywhere to monitor almost anything. Features Included FREE:
    •  App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android
    •  Smartphone Notifications
    •  Text Message and Email Alerts
    •  Customizable Alerts Sent to Up to Five Users



    Homes face many threats, from extreme weather to unwanted visitors. Vacation home and cabin owners use Elertus to protect their home for the months that they are not there. Absentee owners who rent out their homes use Elertus to make sure their investment is in good environmental shape, free from flooding, mold and frozen pipes.


    Many people use sheds to store important and costly lawn and garden tools and outdoor equipment, yet they are commonly under-protected. Our customers use Elertus to check the status of their sheds and receive alerts if anyone gets into their important equipment.

    Wine / Liquor Cabinets

    Many of our customers are wine connoisseurs that use Elertus to keep their collections at optimal temperatures and humidity or protect their investment from that one unfortunate event such as a power outage, cellar cooler malfunction or the door left open.


    Don't "herf" dry, cracking cigars or damp, spongy ones. A number of cigar lovers have been using Elertus to receive alerts any time the humidity drops below or rises above the levels they set.

    Other Applications

    Garage - Crawl Space - Parked Boat or RV - Tool Box - Refrigerator & Freezer - Utility Room - Doghouse - Server Room

  •  Specifications

     Brand  elertus
     Manufacturer Part Number  ELRT10
     UPC  810566001775
     Dimensions  3.1”(L) x 2.6”(W) x 1.05”(H)
     Weight  2.5 oz. (70.9 grams) without batteries
     Power Source  Two (2) AA 1.5V alkaline batteries-1 year battery life with typical usage
     On-board Activity / Environmental Sensors  •  Temperature (-30° F to 150° F)
         •  With high & low trigger thresholds
     •  Humidity (0% to 100%)
         With high & low trigger thresholds
     •  Accelerometer (movement)
     •  Contact Sensor (open/close)
     •  Light Level
     •  Battery Level
     Elertus Internet Cloud Services  •  Sensor data is stored and distributed from Elertus Internet Cloud Services
     •  Notifications (sent as smartphone app notifications, SMS text messages and emails) generated when Trigger Points are reached are sent to users by the Elertus Internet Cloud Services
     Wi-Fi Range  Up to 50 feet with internal antenna
     System Requirements  •  Wi-Fi (802.11g) wireless router with internet access placed near the Elertus Sensor’s location
     •  Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, tablet or computer for the initial Elertus Sensor setup
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  • •  Quick-Start Guide
    •  Door Sensor Installation
  • •  1x - Smart Sensor
    •  1x - Conventional Door Sensor
    •  1x - Micro Door Sensor
    •  1x - Adhesive Velcro Strip
    •  1x - Screw Packet (to install the optional Conventional Door Sensor
    •  2x - AA Batteries
    •  1x - Quick Start Guide
    •  1x - External Door Sensor Accessories Installation Guide

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