ElectroFlip PENCOPY iNoteBlue - Translate your Handwriting to Text


ElectroFlip PENCOPY iNoteBlue - Translate your Handwriting to Text

Translate Everything you Write on Paper to a Soft Copy on your Computer or Bluetooth Device
  • Copy everything you write down on any piece of paper and transfer it into word document
  • Store up to 100 pages
  • Instantly share your writing, drawings and even make notes on pictures via Bluetooth
  • Uses common batteries and ink cartridges


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  • If you are a student, administrative assistant or even a corporate bigwig, the iNoteBlue is a must have item for your office supply arsenal. Easily take notes and transfer them to your computer in the original short-hand or convert them to text for a more professional approach. The proprietary Bluetooth feature allows you to share your notes, sketches and drawing with any Bluetooth enabled device, making it ideal for conferences. Everything you write, draw or doodle will sent immediately via streaming Bluetooth or captured for later use on your computer. Ideal for taking lecture and meeting notes and preparing presentations by adding text bubbles quickly and easily.

    Feature Details
      • Handwriting Recognition - The iNoteBlue will copy, stroke for stroke, everything you write down on any piece of paper and transfer it into word document. You can save it in the original written format or you can transfer it to text-type for professional results. The iNoteBlue works with just about every Latin-Based language like Spanish, German, French and Dutch - the iNoteBlue even works with Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. More languages are supported with a simple software upgrade.
      • Wireless - You can use the iNoteBlue wirelessly or you can use it wired for endless use when at home or at the office. You don't even need to be anywhere near a computer for the iNoteBlue to collect and store up to 100 pages in A4 format. Simply upload the stored pages when you get back to your computer. You can also use the iNoteBlue as a PC mouse on Windows Vista & Windows 7 operating systems.
      • Bluetooth - Nothing beats sending streaming data like a Bluetooth enabled device. The iNoteBlue now includes Bluetooth, which means you can instantly share your writing, drawings and even make notes on pictures by using the iNoteBlue with your Smartphone. Imagine being able to make notes on the pictures people send to your phone, on your phone. Compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
      • Batteries & Ink - The iNoteBlue uses common batteries and ink cartridges that can be purchased at any office supply store. You'll never be trapped into buying more items from us for the rest of your life like some of the similar digital pen devices.
      • Compatibility - The iNoteBlue and associates software is fully compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems (32bit & 64bit). Software upgrades are also available for other operating systems.
      • Easy to Use - If you know how to write you can use the iNoteBlue. What's more amazing is you can write on anything you want - no need for a special tablet and paper - you can write on absolutely anything. Use the wireless base unit to take notes anywhere, at anytime.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer ElectroFlip
    Manufacturer Product No. PENCOPY
    UPC 793573303486

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    • 1x - Base Unit
    • 1x - USB Cable
    • 1x - Digital Pen
    • 2x - Pen Batteries
    • 1x - Ink Refill
    • 1x - Refill Extractor
    • 1x - Software CS
    • 1x - Quick-Start Guide

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