ElectroFlip ENGYMON iConserve Home Electricity Monitor

ElectroFlip ENGYMON iConserve Home Electricity Monitor

Watch, Conserve, and Control Your Home or Business Electric Bill
  • Home Energy Use Monitor
  • Cost per second, hour, day, week, or month
  • Clip on Sensor
  • Wireless Transmission
  • CO2 Readings


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  • Use the ElectroFlip ENGYMON iConserve Home Electricity Monitor in your home or office to identify the amount of electricity that you are using right now. It will easily monitor your energy consumption and keep track of your spending. With iConserve, you can quickly get a handle on your electricity usage so you can cut down on your energy consumption. Typical iConserve users enjoy savings of up to 15% on their electricity bills after installing this handy wireless energy monitor. iConserve displays both the instant energy and total energy consumed, as well as the cost and CO2 emissions. You can easily track hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly electricity data. iConserve conveniently graphs your electricity use over time and offers you a warning when electricity levels peak. A backlit display allows for quick illumination for easy reading in day or night. The transmitter and receiver each require the use of 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

    Home Energy Use Monitor - Reduce your energy use by monitoring your home energy
    Cost per second, hour, day, week, or month - iConserve conveniently converts energy use to cost per second, hour, day, week, or month. It is easy to adjust iConserve's settings to get the most accurate reading for your time period.
    Clip on Sensor - The simple clip on sensor mounts easily to your home breaker box
    Wireless Transmission - Wirelessly transmit the energy use to your wireless base station
    CO2 Readings - Easily monitor CO2 (carbon dioxide) readings with iConserve
    Continuous Recording - iConserve conveniently logs activity
    Graphical Data - iConserve conveniently graphs your electricity use over time
    Alarm Warning - iConserve instantly issues a warning when a high amount of electricity has been consumed
    Backlit Display - Backlit display for quick and bright illumination during night time use

  • General Specifications
    Manufacturer ElectroFlip
    Manufacturer Product No. ENGYMON
    UPC 793573614315
    Display Unit (Receiver) Specifications
    Displays Current total electricity, cost, and CO2
    Charts Historical graphical chart view for most recent 7 hours, 7 days, 7 weeks, and 24 months
    Alarm Setting
    • Daily capacity
    • Manual on/off alarm function
    Voltage Setting 100V - 250V (manually adjustable according to local standards)
    Maximum Record Capacity 4 digits; 9999KWH (over will show "HI")
    CO2 Detection Automatically calculates the CO2 excretion (Greenhouse gas): CO2 = 0.45kg/kWH * nkWH (factory default is 0.45kg for each 1kWH power consumption - manually adjustable according to local standards)
    Electricity Cost Automatically calculates electricity charges: COST = tariff x nkWH (tariff electricity rates, factory default is 0.125). The currency unit of the Pound, must can be charged to Dollar, Euro or Yen.
    Wireless Transmission Cycle 2s/8s/64s (the reception cycle of receiver can be adjusted automatically according to the transmitter's frequency)
    Digital Clock and Calendar Clock and Date display alternatively every 10 seconds
    Low Battery Indicator Yes, on receiver and transmitter
    Backlighting Yes, will turn on once any button is pressed
    Power External DC5V power jack (USB port pr D3.5 two-pin socket) When there is an available external power supply, the internal battery power will not be consumed.
    Transmitter Specifications
    Minimum Measuring Current 100mA (Virtual value)
    Maximum Measuring Current 70A (Virtual value); over issue will issue an error "HI"
    Current Measurement Frequency 2s/8s/64s
    Maximum Record Capacity 9999kWH (based on 100V calculation over it will issue an error of Overflow Err
    Current Measurement Accuracy <5%
    Wireless Transmitting Cycle 2s/8s/64s (2 seconds after pushing CHECK button. It will issue 15 consecutive cycles to verify the emission intensity of your environment. Within one hour, after power is on or reset operation, transmitting cyclic will be 8 seconds. After one hour, transmitting cycle will be adjusted t o64 seconds automatically.)
    Low Power Detection Yes
    Memory of Total Electricity Consumption Up to 2 years
    Compatible Power Measurement Systems Single-phase, two-phase, three-phase

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    Review of 26901 Review by RICK
    Review of 26901

    I love this device. It's made me much more aware of our energy usage and made us smarter consumers.

    I'm an engineer and a geek, so I had no trouble installing this device myself. If you're not comfortable around 220v electrical panels though, you'll need a little bit of help.

    Posted on 3/6/2013

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    • 1x - Transmitter
    • 1x - Receiver
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