EkeyUSA NM-WM2R-1RM Ekey Net Surface, RFID FS and 1 Relay NO 1A

EkeyUSA NM-WM2R-1RM Ekey Net Surface, RFID FS and 1 Relay NO 1A

Biometric Technology Turns Your Finger into a Key, Never Use a Key, Code, or Card Again
  • Fingerprint scanner is weather resistant for inside or outside use
  • Up to 40 different fingerprints and or RFID cards can be stored per access point
  • Compatible with electric strikes, motor locks, and electric multi-point locking systems
  • Up to 4 actions (e.g. opening a door) can be triggered per access point via relay outputs
  • Easily administrate different time zones for individual access rights



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  • Ekey Net is an advanced physical fingerprint (biometrics) access control system that consists of one or more Ekey Net systems networked together and controlled over a network (LAN/VPN WAN) by client/server computer program. A computer/server is needed for enrollment, management, startup, and performing certain functions. The software is used to define in the central database all the access and authorization rights such as who have access to a specific door or group of doors and for specific time period. Based on these definitions each scanner in the network receives its assigned users' fingerprints and their associated access right. Ekey Net can report various activity information in real-time using a CSV file, web server log, or UDP interface.

    The Ekey Net software application is client-server architecture. The server side consists of software components that are installed on a computer designated as "Ekey Server" and they run as Windows Operating System services. The client application can be installed on any workstation that can reach the "Ekey Server" machine either locally on the same LAN or remotely through VPN. Users' fingerprint templates are distributed from the server to each scanner in the network based on the assigned access rights and rules of each user. During the enrollment process, each finger is assigned specific event to activate specific action such as switching a relay momentary for number of seconds, switching permanently on or permanently off, etc. Each system will continue to work even if communication is interrupted between the scanner and the server. Each scanner will store its activity logs and later forward it when the communication with the server is restored.

    Integrating Ekey Net not only increases the security of a home or business, but can also be used to open specific parts of a property such as gates, main entrances, activate intercoms, vending machines, safes and much more. In addition, the system is compatible with electric strikes, motor locks, or electric multi-point locking system. No longer are codes, cards, or physical keys needed, with Ekey Net, your finger is the key. The included Surface wall mounted biometric finger scanner is weather resistant and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

  • Manufacturer: EkeyUSA
    Manufacturer Part No.: NM-WM2R-1RM
    Package Type: Surface RFID Finger Scanner with 1 Relay featuring a Normal Open - 1 Amp Configuration
    Biometric Features: False Acceptance Rate (FAR) = 1.0x10^-7 | False Rejection Rate (FRR) = 1.5x10^-2
    Sensor Technology: Radio Frequency (RF) Sensor
    User Management & Programming: Achieved through client/server centralized computer program
    Security: Managed through encrypted and bounded RS485 bus with control unit.
    Operating Mode: Online mode with server when Ethernet network is available; offline mode when Ethernet network is not available.
    Size of Memory: 40 fingerprint templates per scanner
    Recognition Speed: 1 - 4 seconds
    Type of Memory: Flash, non-volatile (fingerprints templates are retained after power failure)
    Color: Silver-Metallic
    Product Warranty: 24 month limited against product failure & manufacturing defects
    Software Update: Operating software can be updated via USB service adapter
    Scanner Usage: Fingerprint scanning for enrolment and access
    Supply Voltage: 8-24VAC or 8-24VDC
    Current Draw - Idle Mode (12VDC): 85mA
    Current draw - Matching Mode (12VDC): 90mA
    Power Input (Idle & Matching): (~1W)
    Dimensions: 1 3/4x3 3/16x2 3/8in (45x81.55x60.2mm)
    Storage & Operating Temp.: -4°F to 167°F (-20°C up to 75°C)
    Humidity: Max. 95% relative, non-condensing
    Protection Class: IP44
    Installation Height: at least 53 inches (135 cm) from scanner lower edge
    Mounting Type: Surface - Wall Mount
    Control Cable Tip: 4-pole push terminal RM 3.5
    Pin Assignment: Pin 1&2 data; Pin 3&4 power
    Control Cable Wiring: CAT5 up to 300ft; 16AWG for longer runs; Max cable length 1000ft

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    • 1x - Surface Wall Mount Finger Scanner in Silver-Metallic Finish
    • 1x - Control Panel
    • 1x - Power Adapter
    • 1x - LAN UDP Converter in Black Finish

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