EkeyUSA ML-WM2-4RL Ekey Multi Surface, FS and 4 Relays NO/NC 5A

EkeyUSA ML-WM2-4RL Ekey Multi Surface, FS and 4 Relays NO/NC 5A

Biometric Scanner and Multiple Access Network Makes Your Finger the Key to a Home or Business
  • No external computer or server is needed for management
  • System retains fingerprints even after a power loss
  • Can be used to control electrical strike, magnetic lock, electrified lock, or any electrified system or device that can be controlled by an on/off switch
  • Scanner can store 99 fingerprint templates with a 1-to-many matching algorithm
  • Ideal for added security for a home, business, or association



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  • Ekey Multi is an extended standalone access control system that combines up to four finger scanners into a small network, creating a multi-access solution. This package features the wall mounted and weather resistant Surface biometric finger scanner. No external computers or servers are required, only the included control panel is needed for management and up to a maximum of 99 fingers can be recorded, allowing entrance to a property for many users.

    Ekey Multi has a plethora of features including programmable time zones (up to three time zones can be used for grouping different users such as family members, friends, staff, cleaners, and so on), access logging, username assignment, user deactivation or deletion options, four relays, three time scheduling options (1 - always 24/7 with no restrictions; 2 - Schedule A; 3 - Schedule B with time restrictions) a holiday calendar (which can restrict access during a defined period for users assigned to Schedule A or B, excluding the always scheduled users) and is ideal for private homes, small businesses, and associations which require a secure access system. This system uses flash memory, so in the case of a power failure, all finger recordings are retained. In addition, all four finger print scanners can control any or all of the four relay outputs. Ekey Multi can be used to control an electrical strike, magnetic lock, electrified lock, or any electrified system or device that can be controlled by any on/off switch.

  • Manufacturer: EkeyUSA
    Manufacturer Part No.: ML-WM2-4RL
    Package Type: Surface Finger Scanner with 4 Relays featuring a Normal Open/Normal Close - 5 Amp Configuration
    Biometric Features: False Acceptance Rate (FAR) = 1.0x10^-7 | False Rejection Rate (FRR) = 1.5x10^-2
    Sensor Technology: Radio Frequency (RF) Sensor
    User Management & Programming: Achieved through included Control Unit
    Security: Managed through encrypted and bounded RS485 bus with control unit.
    No direct access is possible
    Operating Mode: Standalone no computer is needed
    Size of Memory: 99 fingerprints templates
    Recognition Speed: 1 - 4 seconds
    Type of Memory: Flash, non-volatile (fingerprints templates are retained after power failure)
    Color: Silver-Metallic
    Product Warranty: 24 month limited against product failure & manufacturing defects
    Software Update: Operating software can be updated via USB service adapter
    Scanner Usage: Fingerprint scanning for enrolment and access
    Supply Voltage: 9-12VAC or 9-12VDC
    Current Draw - Idle Mode (12VDC): 85mA
    Current draw - Matching Mode (12VDC): 90mA
    Power Input (Idle & Matching): 2W (~1W)
    Dimensions: 1 3/4x3 3/16x2 3/8in (45x81.55x60.2mm)
    Storage & Operating Temp.: -4°F to 167°F (-20°C up to 75°C)
    Humidity: Max. 95% relative, non-condensing
    Protection Class: International Protection (IP44)
    Installation Height: at least 53 inches (135 cm) from scanner lower edge
    Mounting Type: Surface - Wall Mount
    Control Cable Tip: 4-pole push terminal RM 3.5
    Pin Assignment: Pin 1&2 data; Pin 3&4 power
    Control Cable Wiring: CAT5 up to 300ft; 16AWG for longer runs; Max cable length 1000ft

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    • 1x - Surface Wall Mount Finger Scanner in Silver-Metallic Finish
    • 1x - Control Panel
    • 1x - Power Adapter

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