EHIHA 2007 Home Control Contest Winners - Third Place

Smarthome Home Control Contest Winners
Third Place
A Safe and Smart Home
Eric Masshardt
of Mead, Colorado


INSTEON-Compatible ELK M1 Gold System, ELK M1 Ethernet Interface, INSTEON PowerLinc Controller, GE Caddx wireless receiver, INSTEON Dimmers & Switches, INSTEON ControLinc Tabletop Controller, KeypadLincs Dimmer, Intermatic 7-Day Timer Switches, Leviton 3-Way Occupancy Sensors

The Solution

Having recently moved into his new home, Eric decided to look for security products to make his new home a safe and smart home. After extensive research, he selected the INSTEON-Compatible ELK M1 Gold System as the hub of his security and home control system. A ELK Serial Interface is connected to the INSTEON PowerLinc and provides a common point for both security and automation. The ELK M1 Ethernet Interface provides both local and remote network access and monitoring of the home. Communicating with the GE Caddx wireless receiver connected to the M1 Gold System, the Caddx 4-button remotes allow for easy arming/disarming when entering/leaving the house via the garage and can be linked to actions (eg: if the time is after sunset when disarming the system, turn on the lights). Wireless IP cameras are connected to a Mac-based surveillance system to keep an eye on both the inside and outside of the house.

In addition to security, nearly every light in the house is controlled by INSTEON. Eric linked all his INSTEON lighting products into the security and automation console to program custom actions. Here is the breakdown of the INSTEON network in his home:

  • The lighting "Command Center" is the kitchen, where he installed two KeypadLincs and linked them to control all the common area lights (eg: hallways, dining room)
  • SwitchLinc Timers replaced all the bathroom fan switches, so two simple taps will provide an hour of automatic moisture venting
  • Each bedroom has a ControLinc to control lights and ceiling fans within the room as well as bathroom and kitchen lights for late-night convenience
  • Intermatic 7-Day Timer Switches automatically control all the outside lighting to turn on and off at sunset and sunrise
  • Leviton 3-Way Occupancy Sensors handle the lighting for the laundry room and overhead garage lights, very convenient when your hands are full!

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