EE Systems Group EE836PK Digital Solar LED Lighting Matrix, White (4 Lights)

Increase Security and Safety Around your Property with Multiple Solar Powered Lights



List Price: $398.00

Your Savings: $158.24

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  • Solar Charger
  • Running on standard solar panel, the board provides a charge that exceeds that of the average board
  • In fair to poor weather, it generates more than enough energy into the eLEDing
  • Uses monocrystalline silicon as the solar cell material which has the best performance in energy transformation (up to 17%) while other makers use polycrystalline silicon as the cell material less than 13% energy transformation efficiency

  • Li-poly Battery
    The benefits of using the Li-poly battery include the drastic reduction of battery waste, as Li-poly are rechargeable and have a high cycle life when compared to lead acid based or nickel-cadimum (Ni-Cd) batteries. The eLEDing features a deep cycle Li-poly battery that can endure 1,000+ complete charging cycles. The lead-acid battery only has 50 complete charge cycles. The potency of other batteries used in other lighting products is severely and negatively affected by fluctuations in weather. The weather condition does not affect our Li-poly battery. Furthermore, the eLEDing features a Li-poly battery that can sustain a wide range of temperatures from -25oF to 125oF without losing any of its performance. While makers of similar products use lead-based batteries which are toxic to environment, we provide an environmentally friendly alternative in using lithium-polymer (Li-Poly) batteries.

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  • 4 LED floodlights
  • Solar Panel
  • Splitter Box
  • Backup Power Supply

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