EE Systems Group EE778PRM ePower Solid State AC Control Relay Module

EE Systems Group EE778PRM ePower Solid State AC Control Relay Module

Control Large Loads with a 3-32V Trigger
  • Zero cross turn-on
  • 1200V blocking capability
  • Metal Housing
  • Pre-installation wired
  • Encapsulated in thermal conductive epoxy



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  • The EE Systems Group EE778PRM ePower Solid State AC Control Relay Module is ideal for most AC power control applications. This state-of-the-art relay has rugged back-to-back SCR outputs and is rated for use on AC lines up to 530Vrms. This relay can withstand over voltage transients up to 1200Vpk. The low control current needed for DC control is achieved by unique active current limited input, which can reduce power supply requirements, particularly where multiple relays are used. DC control random turn-on relays are phase controllable. The standard AC control voltage is 90-280VAC; Current rating from 12 - 65 amps. This relay is encapsulated in thermal conductive epoxy.

    The Relay Module is ideal for situations of controlling lighting, AC units, Boilers, and many other situations. For example, a business couple use a 12V trigger from their security system to turn off the A/C and heating in the building when arming the system. Also, a home owner can connect 12V motion sensor to turn off a set of lights.

    Sample Messages:
    • Alert, the pool door is open.... Check for children.
    • Customers at main entrance, open the door please.
    • The fire alarm is activated, please exit this building immediately.
    • Do not touch and do not take pictures here.
    • The east parking photo beam has been activated, check that area!
    • Please turn off lighting.
    • Please do not forget to lock the main entry door. You have entered an unauthorized area. Leave now. The police have been dispatched.
    • All activities are recorded on digital video system to aid in the prosecution of any crime committed against this facility.

    • Input-voltage range 3-32VDC Max on-state voltage: 3VDC
    • Min dropout voltage: 1VDC
    • Output voltage: 220VAC
    • Min off-state voltage: 24VAC
    • Non-repetitive peak voltage: 800,1000 VP
    • Operating frequency range: 47-70 HZ
    • Rated load current: 65A
    • Incandescent lamp ampere rating: 32A
    • Motor load ampere rating: 6A
    • Min load circuit current: 50mA
    • Max rms overload currents for 1 second: 250A
    • Max off-state leakage current: 12A
    • Response time (max at 50HZ): 10 ms
    • Opto-isolation: 10 PF
    • Dielectric strength: 1500V
    • Insulation resistance: 100 OM
    • Operating temperature: -13F-158F
    • Storage temperature: -13F -185F
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