EE Systems Group EE508VIF eVoxcon Multiplex Voice Announciator

EE Systems Group EE508VIF eVoxcon Multiplex Voice Announciator

Make Clear Announcements When an Event is Triggered
  • Can be used as standalone or can be interfaced with most alarm and access control panels simultaneously
  • The large size LCD display provides visible status and operation information
  • Allows natural voice recording in language of choice
  • 4 recording sampling rates are available for different applications
  • As zones are triggered the module will playback in the same order as triggered
  • Compact in size
  • No need for big space
  • Mounting brackets included


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  • The versatile EE Systems Group EE508VIF eVoxcon Multiplex Voice Announciator is a selectable multi-channel (up to 80) custom recordable voice annunciation module. On-board microphone or Line IN-OUT allow 16 minutes ( up to 32 minutes in group setting) of message stored in permanent memory. The module was designed for stand alone operations but will interface well with most alarm control panels and access control systems.

    The eVOXCON has adjustable triggers and volume control which makes it perfect for all sorts of applications from systems, to poolside protection (not a life saving device) as well as emergency annunciation and voice notification. The 16 minute message can be divided automatically into each channel according to the length of each message. Each message could be modified independently. The wide LCD displayer gives out all the information of eVOXCON and make your operation easier. Each channel can be configured to play once or repeat endlessly. The on-board 2 watt amplifier can drive up to 8 ohm speakers or interface with a PA system or other audio equipment as well.

    Sample Messages:
    • Alert, the pool door is open.... Check for children.
    • Customers at main entrance, open the door please.
    • The fire alarm is activated, please exit this building immediately.
    • Do not touch and do not take pictures here.
    • The east parking photo beam has been activated, check that area!
    • Please turn off lighting.
    • Please do not forget to lock the main entry door. You have entered an unauthorized area. Leave now. The police have been dispatched.
    • All activities are recorded on digital video system to aid in the prosecution of any crime committed against this facility.

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