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  1. Get complete local control of your automated lighting systems or remote control with your smartphone with this Remote Dimmer Light Switch.
  2. Discover today’s most advanced remote control dimmer switch. The Insteon remote control dimmer switch provides full programmable features.
  3. Enjoy comfortable temperatures when you're home and cost savings when you're away with this smartphone accessible Connected Home Thermostat.
  4. iDevices has grown its HomeKit-compatible and Amazon Alexa with a kit comprising three light bulb adapters, seven electrical plugs, and added concierge service for priority support access.


    List Price: $499.95

    Your Savings: $99.96

  5. The iDevices Socket allows you to screw any standard light bulb into the iDevices Socket for immediate connectivity. Power on/off and dim lights from wherever you are using the iDevices Connected app
  6. The iDevices Thermostat is a connected thermostat that allows users to control, monitor and schedule the temperature of their home using the iDevices Connected app, and Siri voice commands, from anywhere
  7. Designed to be calibrated to your specific bulb, this device features easy-to-use technology making it simple for you to control your dimmable lighting from anywhere and at any time.


    List Price: $89.99

    Your Savings: $18.00

  8. Need a remote high wattage dimmer switch? The Insteon programmable high wattage dimmer in light almond works with up to 1,000 watts.
  9. Lyric is a Wi-Fi connected platform you can control from anywhere. It uses geofencing technology to know when you’re on your way home, making sure your home is exactly how you like it when you arrive and saving you money when you leave again.
  10. The iDevices Outdoor Switch allows you to control, monitor and schedule electronics on the exterior of your home from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch; no hubs needed. Use the free iDevices Connected app or Siri® voice commands to power your products on or off. The iDevices Connected app gives you the ability to access your Outdoor Switch from wherever you are for ultimate security, convenience and comfort. Create schedules, custom 'Scenes' and upload photos of your home for a completely personalized experience.
  11. The iDevices Switch is a smart plug compatible with both iOS and Android, which allows you to customize your home just the way you like it.
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