ecobee EB-SmartSi-01 Smart Si Zigbee-Compatible Wi-Fi Thermostat

ecobee EB-SmartSi-01 Smart Si Zigbee-Compatible Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi Thermostat Can Be Controlled via Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
  • Vivid color screen with easy-to-use interface
  • Adjust your thermostat from a tablet, computer or Smartphone via Wi-Fi
  • Free web portal offers customizable alerts, service reminders and scheduling
  • Works with heat/cool and heat pump systems
  • Free Smartphone/tablet apps for iOS and Android



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  • The Smart Si Thermostat from ecobee is a a Zigbee compatible, Wi-Fi enabled, energy saving solution that gives users total control over their home's heating and air conditioning from anywhere with an internet connection. The screen of the Smart Si has a high resolution, easy to read color display to show the indoor temperature as well as the live outdoor weather and forecasting. With the Smart Si Thermostat, users will receive access to a free, secure web portal, allowing full thermostat control from any location with an internet connection.

    The convenience doesn't end there - the ecobee Smart Si Thermostat also has a free downloadable mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. The ease of access to this thermostat allows for total control from anywhere in the world, which can lead to increased energy savings and lower electric bills. Users can easily set energy saving programs that cater to their schedule and can be adjusted on the fly, whether your stuck at the office late, sitting in traffic or on vacation. Programmable periods can be set for when you're awake, sleeping, home or away and even custom periods for vacations, weekends and more. Seven-day programming gives the option of individual settings for each day of the week or users can take advantage of 365-day scheduling. Because this thermostat is smart, it also has the ability to communicate through email alerts when something isn't quite right with the system or if maintenance is needed. The Smart Si Thermostat can support up to 2 heat and 2 cool stages on a conventional system or up to 3 heat and 2 cool stages on a heat pump system.

    Note: Wiring diagrams for the Smart Si Thermostat can be found on pages 10-19 in the "Installation Manual" located at the bottom of this page.

    ecobee Factory Tech Support can be reached at (877) 932-6233 9 AM EST to 9 PM EST or [email protected]

    The Smart Si is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can make adjustments to your thermostat from your tablet, computer, iPhone or Smart Phone. An easy to read high-resolution color display, sleek buttons, and an intuitive user interface makes it easy to quickly set a personalized program, adjust your settings and create new vacation events whenever you need to.

    The Smart Si has a built-in live weather function and uses advanced algorithms so you can be sure your thermostat is always saving the most energy possible. Automatic alerts and reminders notify you when your HVAC equipment is due for service, if there is an equipment malfunction or when it's time to change your filter, so you don't have to worry about it. How smart is Smart Si? Here's just a few

    Did you know that setting an energy-saving program through your thermostat is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money? A research study conducted by the ecobee Energy Modeling Team found that ecobee customers save an average of 26% on their annual energy costs!

    Your very own ecobee Web Portal
    When you get an ecobee Smart or Smart Si thermostat, you have access to your own personal and secure web portal to manage all aspects of your Smart thermostat. It doesn't matter where you are - all you need is an Internet connection. And if you think that's good, there's also no annual fee!

    Your web portal gives you complete control over every aspect of your system, including:

    • Seeing what's happening in your home from anywhere
    • Viewing reports on your system's performance
    • Modifying your thermostat's program
    • Changing your profile
    • Setting up alerts and service reminders
    • Setting a vacation schedule
    • Changing your preferences

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer ecobee
    Manufacturer Product No. EB-SmartSi-01
    UPC 627988300016
    Dimensions L 7.38in x W 4.63in x H 2.50in
    Weight 1 lbs
    Power 24 VAC (3VA minimum)

    Smart Si Features
    Programmable Periods Awake, away, home, sleep and custom
    User Accounts Shared
    Mobile Apps iPhone, iPod Touch and Android
    Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
    Color Display Yes
    Touch Screen No
    Humidity Display Yes
    Live Internet Weather Feed Yes
    Custom Max / Min Temperatures Yes
    Humidity Control No
    7-Day Programming Yes
    365-Day Scheduling Yes
    Historical System Info Yes
    Remote Programming Yes through web portal
    Annual Fees None
    System Alerts Email and web portal
    Manufacturer Warranty 3 years

    Technical Specifications
    Conventional Heating & Cooling 2H / 2C
    Heat Pump Heating & Cooling 3H / 2C
    Set Temperature Range 45°F to 92°F
    7°C to 33°C
    Number of Wires to Thermostat Heat Only - Min. 3
    Cool Only - Min. 4
    Heat & Cool - Min. 5
    Heat Pump Control Yes
    Dual-Fuel Yes
    Auxiliary Heat Yes
    Programmable Fan Control Yes
    Auto-Changeover Yes
    Intelligent Setback Recovery Yes
    On-Screen Contractor Information Yes
    Configurable Max / Min Set Temperature Yes
    Switch Between Fahrenheit and Celsius Yes
    Configurable Upstaging and Downstaging Yes
    Wireless Protocol B / G / N
    Wi-Fi Security Encryption Yes
    Encrypted Communication Over Internet Yes
    Optional 2.4 GHz ZigBee Module Yes

    Temperature Ranges
    Heat 45°F to 79°F
    7°C to 26°C
    Cool 45°F to 92°F
    14°C to 33°C
    Display 40°F to 100°F
    5°C to 37°C
    Sensitivity +/- 1&degF (0.5&degC)
    Operating 32°F to 130°F
    0°C to 55°C

    Humidity Range
    Display 20 to 90% RH
    Sensitivity +/- 5% RH
    Operating 5 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • 10 Reviews

    Review of 29919 Review by Greg
    Review of 29919

    I have the ecobee SmartSi-01 thermostat. First, the good aspects: It definitely has a quality appearance and great features. You will need to create an account on the ecobee website to use the remote access features. I didn't mind that and the website has some great features to quickly and easily configure your heating and cooling schedule. I also like that I can reach my thermostat even when I don't have my phone with me, just by using any browser. Now for the bad: This model when first sold was advertised as being compatible with a Zigbee module. I purchased the module cheaply from ecobee and installed it, thinking I may want to use it later. Well it looks like the later thermostat firmwares makes this model incompatible with the Zigbee module. I'm not sure why this is the case but now I get messages that the installed Zigbee module is not compatible with this thermostat. I like the thermostat enough that I'm just going to remove the module and continue to use it. I just wanted to warn those contemplating this model to use with Zigbee. I do recommend the thermostat anyway as long as you don't plan to use Zigbee. It otherwise works flawlessly.

    Posted on 7/28/2014

    Review of 29919 Review by Eric
    Review of 29919

    Horrible product. I had my power company install two of these in my home and within three months they began to malfunction; the temperature reading fluctuated as much as 8 degrees +/- the actual room temperature. They replaced both units three weeks ago and one of them has started to malfunction, it reads 10 degree lower than the actual room temperature, as compared to a digital thermometer I have. I rate this product a zero.

    Posted on 3/2/2014

    Review of 29919 Review by JEFFREY
    Review of 29919

    Pro: Hi Tech, Full Control from any web connection, easy to use once set up.

    Con: Expensive, pro install recommended but layperson can do it if some basic wiring knowledge,

    Posted on 10/16/2012

    Review of 29919 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 29919

    Very nice looking thermostat that was simple to install. Ecobee seemed to be having some server issues the weekend I was registering it (Labor Day 2012), so it took several attempts before success. Since then, I've had no problems with the Ecobee website. My only suggested improvement would be to enable the temperature / humidity history WHILE IN VACATION mode. Otherwise, it does exactly what I wanted.....1) to remotely turn the AC off when renters check out and 2) to remotely turn it (or the heat) on, while we are en route to using it ourselves.

    Posted on 9/23/2012

    Review of 29919 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 29919

    Great product- I rate it 11 out of 10

    Posted on 9/19/2012

    Review of 29919 Review by Bob
    Review of 29919

    Boy is this thing cool- Installed in 1 hr & works perfectly. Wifi/internet setup is a snap. This allows me to manage my entire HVAC system remote with either explorer or my Droid.

    Posted on 8/18/2012

    Review of 29919 Review by Bob S
    Review of 29919

    Boy is this thing cool- Installed in 1 hr & works perfectly. Wifi/internet setup is a snap. This allows me to manage my entire HVAC system remote with either explorer or my Droid.

    Posted on 8/18/2012

    Review of 29919 Review by PAUL
    Review of 29919

    This unit replaced a defective unit and is working properly. The other one would not go one line and stay there. This one locked up as soon as I installed the proper parameters

    Posted on 7/13/2012

    Review of 29919 Review by PAUL A.,
    Review of 29919

    This unit replaced a defective unit and is working properly. The other one would not go one line and stay there. This one locked up as soon as I installed the proper parameters

    Posted on 7/13/2012

    Review of 29919 Review by BRADLEY
    Review of 29919

    Didn't work with my system, help/support was not helpful.

    Posted on 7/12/2012

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