ecobee EB-EMS-02 Energy Management System

Control Your Business's or Large Home's HVAC System via the Internet with ecobee's Energy Management System
  • Comes with ecobee Smart Touchscreen Thermostat
  • Secure WiFi allows connection to the internet for programming, monitoring, control, and reporting
  • 7-day programming with multiple occupied and unoccupied periods per day
  • Random restart
  • Economizer and Ventilator control
  • Intelligent automation function
  • Standard 4-wire install



List Price: $600.00

Your Savings: $300.02

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  • This system is designed for commercial applications but can also benefit owners of large homes. The heart of the system is the ecobee Smart Touchscreen Thermostat, with all its features and benefits allowing simple programming and internet connectivity. In addition, the Energy Management System allows you to control an unlimited number of thermostats, group thermostats into zones with similar HVAC needs, control access permissions from a central source, and assist in diagnosing problems to reduce service calls. Fully scalable, the system can be expanded to accommodate any size home or business. Embedded automatic controls for any type of heating/cooling system: geothermal/ground source heat pump, air/air heat pump, conventional heat sources up to 3 stages, air conditioning systems up to 2 stages. There's a setting to keep the fan running a while after the AC compressor stops, to take advantage of the cold air in the ducts and the chilling coils. Pre-programmed humidity controls can manage humidifiers or run the heat source and AC simultaneously to dehumidify.

    For even more control over your system, add remote temperature or humidity sensors connected to the ecobee Remote Sensor Module. Each module can accept up to 4 sensors.

    Web portal
    Run programs specific to locations and times, and enter or modify programs, via the internet. You can apply changes to multiple thermostats with just a single click, track the performance of multiple locations, analyze system reports, and conduct analytics using your personalized web portal.

    ecobee Factory Tech Support can be reached at (877) 932-6233 9 AM EST to 9 PM EST or [email protected]

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer ecobee
    Manufacturer Product No. EB-EMS-02
    UPC 627988200019
    Temperature Ranges
    Heat 45° to 79°F (7° to 26°C)
    Cool 58° to 92°F (14° to 33°C)
    Display 40° to 100°F (5° to 37°C
    Sensitivity ±1°F (0.5°C)
    Equipment Interface Operating -40° to 160°F (-40° to 70°C)
    Thermostat operating 32° to 130°F (0° to 55°C)
    Humidity Range
    Humidify 20 to 50%
    Dehumidify 30 to 60%
    Display 0 to 90%
    Sensitivity ±2%
    Operating 5 to 95%, non-condensing
    • Thermostat: 5.5" x 3.25" x 1" (139.5 x 82.5 x 25mm)
    • Interface: 4.6" x 10" x 1.3" (118 x 254 x 32mm)
    Power Requirement
    • 24VAC 3VA (from HVAC system)
    • 12VDC (demo mode)
    Backup Battery 1x CR2032
    Wiring Connections Y, W (O/B), G, W2 (AUX), R/H, R/C, ACC1, ACC1r, ACC2, ACC2r, ACC3, ACC3r, IN1+, IN1-, IN2+, IN2-, +12V, GND, D+, D-
    Mfgr Warranty 3 years, limited
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    Review of 29921 Review by macjeff
    Review of 29921

    ECOBEE is the best thermostat I ever owned. Not only do they have a personal website to control it which works on any computer or ipad, but they have an iphone or ipad touch free app that looks exactly like the full color thermostat touch screen and lets you control it from anywhere.

    This unit will email you on sudden temp changes, and even do things for you. For example it emailed my service company and scheduled an appointment when there was an issue. It even updates its own firmware and emails me that it did. When the room got too cold it automatically turned on the heat to save pipes from freezing.

    The only negative is that is does not work with Insteon stuff to expand itself.

    Posted on 6/30/2011

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    • 1x - ecobee Smart Touchscreen Thermostat
    • 1x - ecobee Equipment Interface
    • 1x - CR2032 Battery
    • 1x - Owner's Manual
    • 1x - Installation Manual

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