DuWa Products 4ZEX Irrigander 4 Expander

DuWa Products 4ZEX Irrigander 4 Expander

Expand your Sprinkler System Using your Existing Irrigation Controller and Wiring


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  • The Irrigander 4 V3.0 Expander is comprised of two modules: a transmitter that is installed close to or inside the sprinkler controller; a receiver that is installed close to the valves to be controlled. The transmitter is attached to the receiver using one field wire and the system common. These wires are typically the existing field control wires in the irrigation systems to be expanded. The receiver has 4 outputs that are attached to each of up to 4 valves. Each valve connected to the Irrigander 4 V3.0 Expander is independently controlled allowing each valve to have a different watering program.

    • Power Requirements: 24 VAC provided by the irrigation controller
    • Supported Irrigation Controllers: Virtually any irrigation controller that uses 24 VAC valves and a common on the output can be used.
    • Supported Irrigation Valves: Virtually any 24 VAC irrigation valve can be used with the Irrigander 4 expander.
    • Valves per Zone: The Decoder is designed to drive a maximum of one valve per output.
    • Simultaneous Active Zones: One of the outputs on the Irrigander 4 V3.0 Expander can operate simultaneously with the other outputs allowing control of a master valve.
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      Review of 31383 Review by ROBERT
      Review of 31383

      This device provides a very useful function, and is not available in another brand (at least I can't find it). This is my second device due to a failure of the first. I installed as prescribed in the instructions, including grounding to prevent lightning damage. Unfortunatly, the first unit only lasted about 2 years. I opened it and could see that one of the small capacitors had blown - probably surge or ripple on power. Should have better build it surge protection...nothing else at my house (including my sprinkler controller) was affected.

      Posted on 12/7/2013

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