Duck Covers MCH293036 Outdoor Patio Furniture Chair Cover, 29x30x36, Cappuccino

Duck Covers MCH293036 Outdoor Patio Furniture Chair Cover, 29x30x36, Cappuccino

Weatherproof Outdoor Cover will Protect and Maximize the Longevity of your Patio Furniture
  • 100% waterproof
  • UV-treated material
  • Includes patented Duck Dome Airbag
  • Double-stitched seams and rugged tie-downs
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Designed for use with a patio chair up to 29" W x 30" D x 36" H



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  • Repel the elements. Retain the beauty. Duck Covers offer breakthrough protection that keeps patio furniture looking new. The Duck Covers patio furniture covers are constructed of lightweight, breathable, and eco-friendly material that has been UV-treated. So unlike traditional Polyester fabric that becomes brittle and cracks, the stylish and innovative multi-layered, non-woven fabric used by Duck Covers is waterproof, durable and fade resistant. Only Duck Covers outdoor furniture covers come with the patent-pending Duck Dome inflation system (see below). The Duck Dome ensures that you'll never have to worry about finding huge puddles of water on top of your cover, or mold and mildew beneath. Secure the Duck Dome to your furniture using the 24 inch tie down ropes and then place the cover over it. Secure the cover using the attached reinforced nylon tie-down straps. Each strap is 12 inches long, making the cover easier to tie, and the double-stitching on the seams attaches the straps firmly to the cover, with tie-down ends folded over and sewn to prevent fraying. With Duck Covers, you're guaranteed the best year-round protection for your patio furniture.

    Included Duck Dome Airbag
    Outdoor furniture products have flat surfaces with high and low points, and when covered with ordinary patio covers, the low points collect water and debris that break down and shorten the lifespan of the cover. Contact between the patio cover and the outdoor furniture also greatly increases the formation of mold and mildew. These have been serious issues for patio covers...until now. The patented Duck Dome Airbag fits into the low point of your outdoor patio furniture, inflates in less than 90 second, and creates an elevated, dome-shaped surface under the cover to repel water and debris - much like water off a duck's back. The Duck Dome also creates superior airflow between the furniture and cover, eliminating the condensation that causes mold and mildew. The Duck Dome Airbag requires the use of a Rechargeable Air Pump for inflating, sold separately.

    The Outdoor Patio Furniture Chair Cover is available in the following sizes:
    Duck Covers vs. the Competition
    Benefits Duck Covers Competition
    Water Run Off Patent pending Duck Dome elevates cover allowing water and debris to run off No matter how tight a fit, the weight of water, debris and snow will pool in flat spots on the cover
    Breathability Innovative synthetic material that breathes PVC backed polyester or vinyl does not breathe - vents let in moisture and dirt
    Air Flow Patent pending Duck Dome elevates cover from the furniture and creates huge pockets where air flows freely to help prevent mold and mildew No matter your material, if there is water pooled on the cover, evaporation of condensation will not occur because air will not flow between a cover pressed tightly against the furniture
    Mold & Mildew Prevention Industry leading water run-off, breathable fabric and air flow Retains moisture under the cover - see Air Flow
    Lightweight Light and easy to fold and store in packaging pouch Heavy, cumbersome and hard to store
    Durability All temperatures, all seasons Prolonged UV exposure weakens material. Material cracks in cold weather
    Color Stability Resists fading - reflects heat Color fades and fabric deteriorates
    Fit Fit nicely over the Duck Dome and furniture - secured in place using reinforced tie-down straps Too loose - poor fit. Too tight (to back up claim of water run-off) - require precise measurement and is hard to install
    Green Recyclable Products with PVC backing are not recyclable

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Duck Covers
    Manufacturer Product No. MCH293036
    UPC 721405440313
    Application Patio Chair
    Dimensions 29" W x 30" D x 36" H
    Color Cappuccino

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