DSC Power 864 PC1864NK Security Panel w/o Keypad

DSC Power 864 PC1864NK Security Panel w/o Keypad

A Powerful Security System That Gives You Real Peace of Mind!
  • Protect your family with one of the most flexible and expandable systems we offer
  • Adjust the temperature directly from your keypad
  • Turn on lights just by entering the room
  • Hear if the baby is crying, even if you're on the other side of the house
  • Have it dial your pager, or a monitoring station, with its built-in communicator



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  • It used to be that a burglar alarm was all you needed to feel safe. Well times have changed, and so have security systems like the Power 864 Security System, an incredibly powerful, flexible and expandable security system that will keep you and your family safe in ways you never imagined. This comprehensive system comes out of the box ready to protect 8 zones, but is expandable to 64 fully programmable zones. Plus, with wireless expansion of up to 32 zones, you can protect your home without having to run cable throughout your walls.

    Multiple Security Systems in One
    The Power 864 has the capability to protect anywhere from one to eight separate areas (partitions), like your home plus a workshop, a valuable collection, or a guest house. If you have a tenant, their security system will work independently of yours, so your keypad won't beep when they enter their apartment.

    Incredibly Easy to Use
    A security system is only effective if it's easy to use. This system works with a variety of keypads, including those with five one-touch function keys with one-word commands. So when you're rushing out the door, the push of a single button will ensure your home is safe. And with the special 'exit' button, there's no need to disarm or rearm the system every time you leave the house or let the dog out.

    Control Your System Over the Phone!
    There's no need to worry about your home while you're on vacation or traveling on business. By adding the Escort Phone Control Module (#7502), you'll be able to control and check the status of your system from any telephone in the world. Talk about peace of mind!

    The same module also allows you to control up to four thermostats either locally, or remotely with a phone call. That way you won't have to come home to a freezing or broiling home after a weekend getaway. You can also have the system automatically set back the thermostat whenever the system is armed. Controlling lights and appliances is a snap, thanks to its ability to control 32 X10 modules on any house code.

    The Phone Control Module also has the ability to talk! You'll be able to hear easy-to-understand, audible status updates of your system. It comes with a pre-programmed library of 250 words, with the ability to learn 240 custom words to reflect your specific needs, resulting in a near 500-word total capacity.

    Works With a Wide Variety of Keypads
    You'll also be able to choose from the widest variety of keypads! We recommend using alphanumeric LCD keypads at locations where you plan on controlling the system the most, while the economy LED keypads (#7508E8 and 7508E16) are great for other areas like the kitchen, back door, etc.

    The system includes four on-board programmable outputs, expandable to 14, which allows you to control low-voltage or relay-controlled devices like X10 powerflash modules and more. Other features include a fuse-less design for protection from power problems, force arm by zone, a 256-event buffer with time and date stamp, global, single or multiple partition zone assignment.

    The system also includes several false alarm prevention features, including burglary verified timer, double hit, late to close, postpone auto-arm, cross-zoning and burglary/fire delay. The 7506 System includes a control panel and cabinet.

    Please note the minimum configuration alarm system needs to consists of these parts:
    • Power 832 Zone Security Panel and Cabinet

    • 12V Back-up Battery

    • 16VAC 40VA Power Supply

    • Door/window contacts and/or PIR motion sensors

    • Use of additional expansion boards and modules may necessitate the purchase of an expansion cabinet.

      Expand your system with these accessories:

      LED Keypads (8 Zone and 16 Zone)
      These keypads display the first 8 and16 zones of your system. Use in areas where it is convenient quickly see the status of all the zones. Can only be used on partitions 1 & 2 for #7506. Not for use in programming the security system.

      Telephone & X10 Control Module (#7502)
      Turns any tone telephone into a fully functional keypad. The module also includes a built-in interface to control up to 32 X10 units and four thermostats. An extensive library of voice prompts (490 words) for security and automation operation, programming, and system status feedback.

      Wireless Universal Transmitter (#7510UNI433)
      Ideal for doors and windows. Can be used directly on the frame with included magnet mounted on the door or sash. Also uncludes terminals for an external switch.

      Wireless PIR Motion Detector (#7510PIR433)
      Comes with a wide lens that provides coverage up to 50ft. with a 60 ft. width.

      Wireless Keychain Remote (#7510b433)
      The Wireless Keychain Remote allows you to arm and disarm your alarm system, as well as perform other keypad functions, from a unit small enough to keep in your pocket. You can decide which functions you wish to have accessible from your portable key. To activate any one of the four selected functions, press and hold the appropriate button for two seconds. The functions will be etched on each button. These can be changed by placing labels on the button that needs to be changed.

      4 Output High-Current Module (#7503H)
      Provides 1 Amp of additional current (at 12VDC) for the alarm system and components. Also adds 4 high current programmable outputs for door strikes, bells, and more. Requires its own 16VAC 40VA transformer (7474), backup battery (7473), and enclosure.

      This system is only recommended for installation by those comfortable with complex technical manuals and programming. We suggest finding a local installer who has experience with DSC security panels. Basic troubleshooting support and warranty on this product is provided by SMARTHOME.COM™.

  • Specifications

    DSC Product No.: Power 864 PC1864NK
    Enclosure Dimensions: 11.75" h x 11.37" w x 3.25"d
    Partitions 8
    Access Codes 32 User 2 each Supervisor & Duress 1 each Maintenance, Master, Installer
    Total Zones 64 using 7500X Power 8-Zone Expansion Module & 7510R Wireless Receiver
    Keypads Up to 8 of any supported Keypads (LED and LCD can be intermixed)
    Zone Wiring Normally closed or normally open with no EOL, Single EOL, or Double EOL zone supervision
    Loop Resistance 5600&
    Loop Response 36ms or 540ms - Selectable for each zone
    Zone Types 34 zone types with 8 programmable zone options
    Audible Alarm Output 12 VDC - 700mA supervised bell output (current limit 3 Amps) Steady or pulsed
    Programmable Outputs Four on main board, expandable to 14 using #7503L Low-Current and/or #7503H High-Current Modules
    Operational Power 16.5 Volts AC, 40VA
    Auxillary Power 12 VDC, 550mA
    Recommended Battery 2 12 volt 7Ah (#7473) Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries
    UL Certifications 1610, 609, 365, 985, 1023, 1635, 1637

    #7506 will not work in a 50Hz structure (i.e. Europe).
  • 8 Reviews

    Review of 7506 Review by SW_Engr
    Review of 7506

    I installed this unit myself and it worked great for several years. When it started having problems I contacted a Registered Technician who came out and mulled that it could be this or it could be that but in the end he gave up and said he just did not know.
    DSC refuses to provide tech support and said I should contact a technician. Yeah, right! I have managed to get it working again, but with a solid fault that cannot be cleared. I would definitely not recommend any DSC products.

    Posted on 2/25/2014

    Review of 7506 Review by RICHARD
    Review of 7506

    Excellent customer service - matched online pricing while on the phone. Shipped and received on time.

    Posted on 7/14/2013

    Review of 7506 Review by wayne
    Review of 7506

    I have purchased and installed this system myself a couple of years ago, it is the most reliable system I have ever delt with, I work with building automation systems that are far more expensive but far less reliable! I monitor and control a house in Florida from New England over dial up, with the escort addition. If I can do this think about the use locally. WL

    Posted on 6/20/2008

    Review of 7506 Review by wayne L
    Review of 7506

    I have purchased and installed this system myself a couple of years ago, it is the most reliable system I have ever delt with, I work with building automation systems that are far more expensive but far less reliable! I monitor and control a house in Florida from New England over dial up, with the escort addition. If I can do this think about the use locally. WL

    Posted on 6/20/2008

    Review of 7506 Review by NANCY
    Review of 7506

    If you have never programmed one of these, I highly recommend downloading all of the manuals first. It took me about a week to get it programmed the way I wanted it. Everything is working now and I am happy with it.

    Posted on 2/11/2008

    Review of 7506 Review by wayne
    Review of 7506

    very reliable unit has never failed to operate properly,in fl.

    Posted on 12/25/2007

    Review of 7506 Review by HARRY
    Review of 7506

    Your service was great. The manufacturer, DSC was absolutely terrible. They would not provide any support for the product via telephone because I was a homeowner, not a security service provider.

    Posted on 10/31/2007

    Review of 7506 Review by ELMER
    Review of 7506

    Looks good, not yet implemented

    Posted on 8/4/2004

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