Drip-It Systems 6403 Pro Green

Drip-It Systems 6403 Pro Green

Two- or Four-Week Self-Watering System for House Plants



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  • Add atmosphere to your houseplants! Try the Drip-It Frog Plant Waterer in green which waters plants for two weeks. Also available is the Drip-It Squirrel Plant Waterer, which will water plants for one month.

    The Drip-It Pro measures 8.5" H x 4" W x 2.5" D. The wicks are calibrated devices that drop water at a determined rate. Since they are not biodegradable, the wicks should not have to be replaced.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Drip-it Systems International
    Manufacturer Product No.:6403
    Dimensions:Unit: 8.5" H x 4" W x 2.5" D; Base: 2.5" diameter x 1.75" H (5" including spikes)
    Capacity:32 ounces
    Plant Watering Time:1 month

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    Review of 3119 Review by KARL
    Review of 3119

    Great product. I've tryed several auto watering products but this is the simplist and most fool proof system I've found. The problems others have experianced have to be operator error. This thing is sooo simple. Fill it quickly turn it over and stick it in the ground. If there is still water in it when you are ready to refill, water will come out of the "cup" , hold it over the plant untill it quits dripping and then refill.
    The plants will love you for the next week or so.

    Posted on 10/22/2011

    Review of 3119 Review by CHARLIE B
    Review of 3119

    Work as advertised. Would love something with a larger capacity for tomatoes in 100 degree weather!

    Posted on 7/25/2010

    Review of 3119 Review by MARILYN
    Review of 3119

    I would never rebuy this product:
    1. I assumed it was open at the top. You have to remove it from the planter, unscrew the lid.

    2. It only holds a few cups of water.

    3. Very large... would be hard to conceal in a house plant.

    4. A lot of money for a bit of green plastic.

    Posted on 7/24/2010

    Review of 3119 Review by PAM
    Review of 3119

    Ive had a lot of good luck keeping plants alive with this during vacations.

    Posted on 7/9/2009

    Review of 3119 Review by LORI
    Review of 3119

    My Drip-it Pro Green does not work properly. I have tried to use it for several weeks now with no results. There is not nearly enough water for my small potted plant, I must water by hand every other day. Help....

    Posted on 5/12/2009

    Review of 3119 Review by BARBARA A
    Review of 3119

    Didn't work. Customer Service suggested clearing out holes. Try that and still didn't work. How in the world do you keep the holes cleared when you are putting it into dirt. Poor design.

    Posted on 1/8/2009

    Review of 3119 Review by LEWIS
    Review of 3119

    Product did not work.

    Posted on 10/9/2008

    Review of 3119 Review by VALERIA
    Review of 3119

    Works great -- but wish it was available in a smaller size to use with smaller plants.

    Posted on 8/16/2008

    Review of 3119 Review by JUDITH
    Review of 3119

    Water did not get through the holes and into my plant. I think the dirt clogged the holes, keeping the water from going into the soil. I am returning the product.

    Posted on 8/13/2008

    Review of 3119 Review by LISA
    Review of 3119

    This product does not work. I tried it in several different pots and it does not deliver water to my plants.

    Posted on 7/27/2008

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