DoorBell Fon DP38NBKF 2-Gang Door Station - Black

DoorBell Fon DP38NBKF 2-Gang Door Station - Black

Expand Your Doorbell Fon Door Intercom System to Include Another Entryway
  • Weather-resistant door module mounts in 2-gang masonry box
  • Works with the Doorbell Fon Door Answering System (sold separately)
  • Pressing the doorbell button triggers phones to ring in the house



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  • Add another intercom to your Doorbell Fon Door Answering System (sold separately). The Doorbell Fon Door Answering System connects your doorbell to your telephone, so you'll be able to pick up any extension in the house to talk to your visitor. The Extra Black Intercom Station is the ideal add-on box for an additional entryway to your home.

    Smarthome does not accept defective returns for this product. You will need to contact the Manufacturer (or Supplier) directly for all warranty issues.

    When a visitor presses the non-mechanical sensor button on the included black door box, the telephones will ring with a distinctive ring to let you know someone is at the door. Pick up any telephone to be connected with that door automatically.

    The flush-mount Extra Black Intercom Station installs using a single pair of wire. It is vandal resistant and mounts conveniently into a 2-gang masonry box. The station is weather resistant and features an environmental-grade sensor button.

    By installing a modular add-on, you'll be able to add even more functionality to this doorbell answering system. The Inbound Relay Trigger Controller provides momentary contact closure from the push button on the door box. This can be used to trigger a door chime, lights, or even a camera for added security or alert signals. The trigger controller as well as any door chimes, lights or cameras are sold separately.

    An Outbound Relay Trigger Controller provides dry contact closure off the star key (*) on your telephone to operate an electrical device, such as a door release, to allow entry to your visitor without your having to leave your couch. This is especially handy when used on electric gates at the end of the driveway or property.

    The Extra Intercom Station is also available in Aluminum, Brass and Bronze.

  • Specifications

    ACNC Product No.: DP38NBKF
    UPC: 648181719313
    Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2"
    Design: Trim line styling
    Power: 117V AC/6 Hz 0.1 amp, 12 watts
    Power Output: Talking: 17-28V DC; ringing: 75rms 25 +/- 2z
    Materials: Anodized solid brass plate, environmental-grade sensor button
    Mounting: Flush mount in a 2-gang masonry box
    Operating Temperature: -20°F to 120° F
    Relative Humidity: 90%
    Water Drop: 0.25mm
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

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    Awful Review by Daniel

    I bought this for the gate at my home daycare. To start with it was OK, we had to run 50' of cable from the house to the gate and used weather resistant landscape lighting cable attached to the chain link fence. After a while the unit started to receive a local radio station that would interrupt the conversation and sometimes travel through to the telephones inside. The engineers thought that the best option would be to bury the cable underground as the fence was acting as an antenna. We buried conduit with two core phone cable inside it and the issue stopped. Then the telephones would ring at random in the night when nobody was at the door. They thought that the cable was not supplying enough power constantly, so we switched to a high grade network cable. the same issue occurred until we used three pairs of network cable wires between the unit and the house. The unit froze frequently and the phones would not stop ringing when someone pressed the button. Eventually we discovered that the unit just does not fit the supplied backing box and tightening the screws damages the circuit boards and wiring inside. In addition the supplied backing box does not have enough space for the components to breathe when its humid or wet and moisture causes issues with functioning because it cannot evaporate and condenses on the components inside.
    Swapping the box for a regular outdoor electrical 2 gang box made all the difference - we left the hole on the underside open and inserted some insect screen so that air could circulate when it was humid. So far so good. There is still some radio interference on the line and I am waiting for the engineers to return with some special magnets that wrap around the wires to reduce any interference.
    I am pretty certain that the unit is faulty as we ordered two and the one on the side door has never given ANY issues but I cant return it as I threw out the original packaging.
    If I had the chance to buy again I would choose another product from another supplier, the cost to me in getting the engineers out again and again and additional installation materials has blown my budget.

    Posted on 7/13/2017

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