Dogtek NB-Spray-L NoBark Spray, Lavender

Dogtek NB-Spray-L NoBark Spray, Lavender

Prevent Unwanted Barking by Delivering Specially Formulated Spray When your Dog Barks
  • Instantly enforces barking as a bad behavior to your dog
  • Harmless for the dog, yet very effective
  • Battery powered - will last up to five years
  • Specially formulated citronella spray
  • Easy to use citronella refills available separately



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  • Does your dog have a habit of barking at the slightest thing? No more thanks to the DOGTEK NoBark Spray! The NoBark Spray emits a unique and mist when your dog barks, and although totally harmless, your dog will find it unpleasant and associate it with their barking. This conditioned reflex discourages your dog from barking. In a few days the dog learns to keep quiet while wearing the collar and ultimately your dog is trained to cease barking without having to wear the collar at all.

    NoBark Spray works by means of a special microphone designed to detect the frequency of a dog's bark. When the dog first barks, the collar releases a spray in front of the dogs snout and although harmless, the spray is quite dramatic. Your dog will hear and see it. The dog will quickly learn that when it barks the NoBark Spray is activated!

    At just 1.6 ounces, the NoBark Spray is one of the lightest collars on the market. Unlike other collars, NoBark Spray is a sealed unit and requires no battery charging at all - the unit will last up to 5 years!

    When you first begin to use NoBark Spray collar, refill the reservoir frequently, additional Lavender refill canisters are available, sold separately. It's very important that your dog never empties the collar. Otherwise, he will understand that he can stop the sprays by barking during a certain amount of time. Moreover, he will associate barking with reward. Remember that barking can indicate some behavioral problems.

    How to Obtain the Best Results:
    Do not leave your dog unattended with the collar on until he is used to wearing it and you are satisfied that it is working correctly. Closely watch your pet during the first days' use. When your dog is barking, let the collar operate without interference. Any interference on your part could teach your dog that barking is a means to get your attention. As soon as your dog stops barking, reward your dog (but not excessively) with petting, verbal praise or dry food. The bark control collar will allow you to resolve problems caused by excessive barking.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Dogtek
    Manufacturer Product No. NB-Spray-L
    UPC 852512002108
    Power SAFT 3.6 Volt Lithium battery
    Battery Life
    • Approximately 3 years in regular use
    • Approximately 4 years in stand-by
    Reservoir Capacity 25 Sprays
    Citronella Spray Can Natural citronella essential oil
    Water Resistance Weatherproof
    Bark Detection 2.3" x 1.25" x 1.25"
    Weight (with battery) 1.6 oz
    Adjustable Collar for Necks from 6 inches to 22 in.
    Operating Temperature Between 41° F and 104° F
    Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Limited

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    • 1x - Dogtek NB-Spray-C NoBark Spray, Lavender
    • 1x - Nylon Strap
    • 1x - Battery
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