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  1. Balance temperatures and circulate air to enhance comfort even areas that don't get enough heat or cool air with this Room To Room Circulation Fan.


    List Price: $52.38

    Your Savings: $10.30

  2. With the Insteon remote control thermostat, you can control your home's temperature whether you're at home or not.


    List Price: $69.99

    Your Savings: $20.00

  3. Keep tabs on your property both outside or inside, day or night, with this HD Wireless Security Camera kit.
  4. Use this Portable RF USB Interface adapter to program and manage automation systems without being near an outlet.


    List Price: $79.99

    Your Savings: $60.00

  5. Eliminate guesswork when planning new installations or locating communications problems in an existing one with this Insteon Keypad diagnostic tool.
  6. See and record what's going on around your home or office even in the dark with this Outdoor Motion Activated Camera kit.
  7. Connect door locks to your home security and automation systems with this easy to install venetian bronze colored Electronic Deadbolt.
  8. Secure your home and add a new level of functionality with this Keyless Entry deadbolt which features wireless home automation integration.


    List Price: $619.99

    Your Savings: $318.44

  9. Monitor and protect your property inside and outside, day or night, with this wireless high definition Surveillance Camera Kit.
  10. Keep an eye on your home or office in high definition even in the dark with this wireless Night Vision Security Camera.
  11. Ring Video Doorbell - Satin Nickel (88RG000FC100) is a Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell that allows you to answer your door anytime, anywhere. With brilliant HD video and two-way audio.


    List Price: $199.00

    Your Savings: $100.00

  12. Install this Smart Home Fan Control to restore a comfortable temperature and airflow to problem rooms in your home, in both winter and summer.
  13. Monitor and protect your home or office during the day or at night with this high definition Outdoor Rated IP Camera Kit.


    List Price: $199.98

    Your Savings: $49.99

  14. Add a Philips Hue white ambiance bulb to your system and enhance your home with shades of white lights. With a range from warm white to cool daylight, this bulb helps you to wake up, relax, read, concentrate or energize.
  15. Get started using and enjoying remote home automation with this easy to install wireless Home Control Starter Kit.


    List Price: $244.95

    Your Savings: $25.00

  16. The Smarthome SELECT wireless security camera (4-pack) features pan, tilt and night vision for video surveillance that you monitor with your smart devices.


    List Price: $399.96

    Your Savings: $139.97

  17. Remotely monitor and record Activity at your home or office in high definition with the Vstarcam Indoor Wireless HD IP Security Camera.


    List Price: $199.98

    Your Savings: $49.99

  18. FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled contact sensor using Bluetooth® low energy wireless technology
  19. Come to us for a replacement Dimmer Outlet key when you lose or break yours or to get a spare to have on hand.
  20. Lock and unlock your doors with the push of a button with this RF controlled Remote Door Knob which features LED indicator lights.


    List Price: $129.99

    Your Savings: $29.35

  21. The ease of access you've been looking for, you can sync this electronic deadbolt to your automation system so it activates as you walk through the door.


    List Price: $599.99

    Your Savings: $309.94

  22. Belkin NetCam smart home camera with night vision lets you stream live video from your home to your Android and iOS devices.


    List Price: $149.99

    Your Savings: $26.39

  23. Choose this advanced Connected Home Smart Switch to monitor, manage, and secure your home, property and family using your mobile devices.
  24. C.Crane CCPKT CC Pocket Radio with AM/FM/WX & 55 Presets Is a Real Blessing When You're On The Go
  25. With this IR injector and coupler, you can send IR signals sent out by a standard IR remote to other devices over a single coax cable.
  26. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulbs, Tunable White and Multi-Color, are Wi-Fi enabled, dimmable, energy efficient LED light bulbs that can be controlled via your iOS or Android smartphones or tablets without the needs of an additional hub or hardwired switch. Along with the TP-Link Kasa mobile app, you can access your lights and create custom lighting automations from anywhere in the world with an active Internet connection.


    List Price: $34.99

    Your Savings: $8.69

  27. The Netatmo mount makes it easier to attach your Rain / Wind Gauge to a wall, roof, pole or railing
  28. Convenient connectors help you expand and grow your lightify flexible strip system. Flex rgbw - lightify | OSRAM LED light flexible strip connectors set (14 pieces).


    List Price: $35.99

    Your Savings: $6.03

  29. Arlo Replaceable Silicone Skins for Arlo Wireless Cameras are UV- and water-resistant and ideal for outdoor and indoor use. They have a convenient slip-on, slip-off design.


    List Price: $38.78

    Your Savings: $13.79

  30. Residential Receiver

    ITEM# 30401a
    The wireless thermostat system residential receiver can receive signals from up to 4 wireless thermostats.
  31. Control household lights and appliances connected to wireless receiving modules from anywhere in the world.


    List Price: $87.00

    Your Savings: $4.37

  32. Use this Power Switch to turn any AC outlet on and off and control A/V components that remember their "on" condition when power cords are unplugged.


    List Price: $1,399.00

    Your Savings: $129.23

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