Create Your Own Personal TV Network!


Create Your Own Personal TV Network!
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Always missing that exciting sporting event or favorite show because you couldn't get home to see it? Now you'll never miss another show because DIRECTV and TiVo have teamed up to give you total control over when and how you watch your favorite DIRECTV® programming.

The DIRECTV Receiver with TiVo lets you digitally record up to 35 hours* of your favorite DIRECTV® programming, and then watch it at your leisure. You have total control of your television, which means you can pause, instantly replay, slo-mo and rewind your favorite shows, all without videotape. Some of the great TiVo features include:

WishList: In the mood to see one of your all-time favorite stars or shows? TiVo's WishList will find and record DIRECTV® programming based on your favorite actors, directors, categories or keywords.

TiVo's Suggestions: Nothing on television? TiVo's Suggestions can recommend and automatically record DIRECTV programs that match your interests. Just rate the programs you enjoy using TiVo's Thumbs Up™/Thumbs Down™ buttons on your remote.

Season Pass™: With TiVo's exclusive Season Pass™, tell TiVo once and it will automatically record every episode of your favorite DIRECTV shows every time they air, even if the airtime or airdate change!

TrickPlay™: Want to see that powerhouse play again (and again)? You control the action with TiVo's TrickPlay™. Pause up to 30 minutes, instant-replay, slow-motion, rewind and then fast-forward anytime — even if it's a live DIRECTV program!

*Actual recording capacity varies depending on the type of programming being recorded.

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