DIRECTV: At the Forefront of Cutting-Edge Technology!


DIRECTV: At the Forefront of Cutting-Edge Technology!
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If you're interested in cutting edge technology that caters to your specific entertainment needs, DIRECTV is constantly pushing the personalized TV envelope. For example, you can choose DIRECTV receivers with built in digital video recording devices like TiVo? and UltimateTV? that allow you to pause and rewind live television, and record up to 35 hours of TV without videotape! These features are great for automatically recording every episode of your favorite shows every time they're on.

DIRECTV systems with built-in TiVo technology allow you to record DIRECTV programming based on favorite actors, directors, categories or keywords. Or rate the programs you enjoy using TiVo's Thumbs Up?/Thumbs Down? buttons on your remote, and it will find similar shows and events that you'll enjoy. Other features include Season Pass?, which records every episode of your favorite shows, even if the airtime or airdate change!

There's also Microsoft UltimateTV, the first product to combine your favorite DIRECTV entertainment with digital video recording, live TV controls, interactive television and Internet access. It's the only product that lets you watch one show while recording another, record two shows at the same time or watch two satellite shows simultaneously with the picture-in-picture feature! Plus, its exclusive WebPIP? technology allows you to surf the Web and check your e-mail while you're watching TV!

For another brand of interactivity, you can purchase systems compatible with DIRECTV INTERACTIVE? Service Powered by Wink. This service allows you to view interactive enhancements to popular TV shows, access sports statistics, stock prices, news headlines and weather forecasts on demand. When you see the Wink logo appear on screen, simply press a button on your remote control to access additional information. Wink-enhanced interactive broadcasts are available on more than 1,500 hours of programming each week.

DIRECTV also offers two full-time HDTV channels, and plans to expand it as the demand grows. Plus, DIRECTV's forward-compatible technology will keep up with your needs every step of the way.

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