Diode LED SH-0908 12V 150W Indoor/Outdoor LED Driver

Diode LED SH-0908 12V 150W Indoor/Outdoor LED Driver

Power Diode LED Lights with an Efficient LED Driver
  • IP67 Rated - Waterproof
  • Powers Diode LEDs
  • Steady current - Lights will not flicker
  • Solid state driver


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  • The Diode LED SH-0908 12V 150W Indoor/Outdoor LED Driver provides the steady voltage and high efficiency you need to get the most from your LED lights. The Driver is energy efficient, eco-friendly, and safe, as it produces less heat and is more cost-effective than higher voltage light fixtures. In addition, the low voltage drivers have an IP rating of 67 which means that it's waterproof! The LED Power Driver is highly efficient and provides extremely steady voltage, so no more flickering lights. The Driver is solid state, which means they do not have any moving parts. This offers many benefits such as the LED power driver is designed to last for many years, much longer than a switching power adapter and unlike standard adapters, it draws power only when the attached LED light fixtures are turned on, which eliminates phantom energy consumption.

    If you're working with a permanent low voltage LED lighting installation, it's vital to use a Power Driver that provides a steady current. The IP67 Driver/transformer is a hard-wired power source for your LED lights that is typically placed inside a wall or ceiling, in the attic or under the house, but is also compact enough to tuck into a corner. Think about using this waterproof LED driver outdoors also, whether near the pool or hot tub or a water feature, in a garden or landscaping, in a greenhouse, or anywhere your lighting setup will be exposed to moisture and the elements.

    For the flexibility of a plug-in adapter, use the AC Power Cable with the Driver.

    • Weight: 3 lbs. 14 oz.
    • Dimensions (in.): W=12.2, L=4.8, H=2.4
    • Input voltage: 120V AC
    • Input amps (120V): 3.2A
    • Output voltage: 12V DC
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Rated current: 12.5A
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