Diode LED SH-0718 Spectrum RGB Signal Amplifier

Diode LED SH-0718 Spectrum RGB Signal Amplifier

Extends the Range of RGB Controllers
  • Compact design keeps the unit discrete
  • Extends the RGB signal to allow for longer sets of strip lights (16 feet or longer)
  • Repeats commands to ensure they are never lost



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  • If you run a restaurant, club, bar, art gallery or any number of other venues, and would like to achieve elegant decor with color-changing LED lighting, you may need our Spectrum RGB Signal Amplifier. An RGB controller can command up to 16 feet of RGB strip lights. But if you want to run more than 16 feet of strip lights on one RGB signal, you will need this Spectrum RGB Signal Amplifier.

    How does it work? The Spectrum RGB Signal Amplifier copies and extends the commands of your master LED color controller. It is essential when lighting large areas or long projects/spaces, such as a lengthy, expansive bar. In a darkened room, your eyes are naturally drawn to the well-lit counter and shelves of liquor. In the right settings, LED lighting can impress so much more than a vase of flowers or attractive furnishings.

    Although the Spectrum RGB Signal Amplifier is often used for commercial reasons, its compact design makes it just as easy to apply in small homes. At only 4 ounces, it's also small and light enough to store nearly anywhere.

    • Weight: 4 oz.
    • Length: 4.2 in.
    • Width: 2.5 in.
    • Height: 1 in.
    • Power consumption: <1W
    • Output current: <4A (each channel)
    • Input Voltage: 12V DC, 24V DC
    • Working Voltage: <144W (12V), <288 (24V)
    • Device Surface Temp.: 68 - 140 degrees F
    • Output: 3 channels
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