DIG Corp. PRV075 Adjustable Pressure Regulator, 28 PSI - 60 PSI

Fine Tune the Pressure of Your Drip System
  • Adjustable from 28 to 60 PSI
  • Maximum incoming pressure: 125 PSI
  • 3/4" FNPT (Female National Pipe Thread) x 3/4" FNPT



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  • Prevent damage to your drip system with this adjustable regulator. Pressure regulators control and reduce the pressure entering your system to the recommended operating pressure of the drip or micro sprinkler system. The pressure regulator will reduce the pressure only when water is discharged from the system. Adjust by removing the red cap and dialing up "+" and down "-", to a maximum of 60 PSI and minimum of 28 PSI.

    Note: DIG pressure regulators are only designed for use in your irrigation systems and should be installed after your filter. Choose the correct thread (hose or pipe). Never install on a mainline where they are under constant pressure. In this situation, they need to be installed after the valve.

    Smarthome does not accept defective returns for this product. You will need to contact the Manufacturer (or Supplier) directly for all warranty issues.
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    Review of 31375 Review by DANIEL
    Review of 31375

    The instructions don't mention it, but you have to use the proper adaptors if you are connecting to a faucet or hose; the regulator has pipe threads. Don't use PVC adaptors as they will leak. Use brass fittings instead and you will be leak-free (a little teflon tape doesn't hurt either). The only qualm I have is that the adjustment screw is soft plastic, so be careful to use the proper slotted screwdriver so you don't strip it and render it useless. Otherwise, it has worked magic with my scarecrow.

    Posted on 5/11/2014

    Review of 31375 Review by LEE
    Review of 31375

    odd device...no directions on how to use.... no spec sheet on pressures allowed, mins, max, etc.... lousy product...no what I expected....

    Posted on 6/30/2013

    Review of 31375 Review by TERRY
    Review of 31375

    Didn't work. The adjustment screw had no effect on flow/pressure at all.

    Posted on 3/29/2012

    Review of 31375 Review by DONALD
    Review of 31375

    Wish there was an easier way to identify pressure. Suggested methods of installation to measure the resulting pressure would be much better than turn the dial 'left' or 'right'. Presumably the pressure regulator is working but have not identified an easy way to measure pressure on a drip line. A value add for consumers would be to have this type of information on a FAQ section of the site. Turning 'left' or 'right' doesn't equate to a meaningful test to measure resulting pressure.

    Posted on 10/7/2011

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