DewStop FS-200 Condensation Sentry Fan and Light Switch, White

Switch Your Bathroom Fan From Ordinary to Intelligent!
  • Fan turns off when condensation is no longer present on the walls
  • Condensation control and light switch in one
  • Saves energy
  • Use with your existing fan



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  • The DewStop FS-200 is designed for elegance and performance. The DewStop is intended for use in condensation problem areas of a home, such as near the shower or bath. If condensation is a problem or is suspected to be a problem, simply replace your existing fan switch with the DewStop fan switch. For Dew-Stop to sense dew (condensation), the room will need to show visible signs of wetness attaching to surfaces, such as steam on walls / mirrors / fixtures. Visible steam in the air is not the problem, the problem occurs when moisture in the air becomes too heavy and the air cannot support the moisture. The moisture then moves to surfaces (this is the dew point), triggering the DewStop sensors. The remarkable DewStop fan switch is constantly checking the air for condensation. At the right time DewStop will turn ON your fan and run the fan to clear the room. NOTE: A closed room and a good quality fan properly sized for the room is essential to the successful removal of moisture from any room.

    Fan Turns On Automatically
    How? DewStop's sensors detect condensation (dew point). The sensors then turn ON the fan and run it until the dew point has been lowered to a dry level.

    Built-In Fan Timer
    How? When you push the button to turn ON the fan, DewStop will turn the fan OFF for you with its built-in timer.

    Helps Prevent Mold & Mildew
    How? Mold needs moisture & time to grow. DewStop controls moisture by detecting it & running the fan long enough to dry out a damp environment with a good fan. This greatly reduces the formation of mold, mildew, & harmful bacteria.

    Helps Prevent Costly Repairs
    How? Moisture, if left unchecked, can get into walls and cause many cosmetic, health, & structural problems. DewStop is always ensuring that your room is never left damp.
  • Electrical Input: 120 volts @ 60Hz
    Maximum Fan Load: 1/8th hp or 3 amps
    Maximum Light Load: 400 watt for a fluorescent light or 500 watt for an incandescent light
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