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Overview of Support Services

2640EINSTEON Email Support - 15 minutes effort$30.00
2640EAINSTEON Email Support - 30 minutes effort$60.00
2642PINSTEON Phone Support - 15 minutes$30.00
2642P-1INSTEON Phone Support - 1 additional min$2.00
2650-1INSTEON Consulting - 1 hour$120.00
2650-4INSTEON Consulting - 1/2 day$425.00
2650-8INSTEON Consulting - 1 day$750.00

How to Order:

Email Support
Email support consists of a single email response by one our INSTEON support engineers. Please be sure to provide enough information to ensure a valuable response.
    1. Submit your question to [email protected]
    Hint: Concise and streamlined wording will increase the value of support engineers responses.
    2. You will receive an email indicating whether your email is estimated to take 15 or 30 minutes effort (or some multiple thereof)
    3. Purchase either 2640E if 15 minute or 2640EA if 30 minute effort (or some multiple therof)
    4. Forward confirmation email with your email to [email protected]
    5. We attempt to respond within 2 business days

  Buy Email Support - 15 minutes effort - Only $30    

  Buy Email Support - 30 minutes effort - Only $60    

Phone Support
Phone support consists of a phone call in which you can ask INSTEON support engineers INSTEON development questions.
    1. Place your order for 2642P*
    2. Forward email confirmation with the following information to [email protected]:
      a. Agenda (list of topics you would like to cover). Please be sure to submit a detailed agenda so that we can be as prepared as possible for the call, utilizing your phone time efficiently.
      b. Your availability (during regular business hours: 9-5 Pacific) w/ appropriate phone #(s). Note: The larger the time windows, the sooner we will be able to set up your call. We will make up to 2 attempts to call you within the provided windows.
      c. Calls in excess of 15 minutes: For every additional minute, you will be charged $2 / minute and billed in the same method as you used to purchase the first 15 minutes.

    3. Be available during the time periods you specified (or contact [email protected] if your availability changes)

  Buy Phone Support - 15 Minutes - Only $30    

Consulting services include either an extended phone call or in-house session at the SmartLabs Irvine, CA facility with one of our INSTEON engineers. Consulting support is a great way to get a 'crash course' on INSTEON development and can save you significant amounts of product development time.
    1. Order one of the 3 consulting options: 1 hour, half day (4 hours), or 1 day (8-hours)*
    2. Forward confirmation email to [email protected] with the following information
      a. Agenda (the more specific, the better). It is crucial to detail your agenda for this type of support especially so that we can schedule the engineer best-suited to answer your questions.
      b. Your availability over the next 2 weeks
    3. You will be contacted to schedule your visit (or call)
    4. Sessions which last longer than scheduled time:
      a. We can only guarantee engineer availability for specifically schedule times
      b. In the event a session last longer than scheduled, additional time will prorated and automatically billed to the same credit card as original order

  Buy Consulting - 1 hour - Only $120    

  Buy Consulting - 1/2 Day - Only $425.00    

  Buy Consulting - 1 Day - Only $750.00    

*When checking out, select shipping method: Will Call.

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