Gift Ideas for Smarthome Dealers


 Gift Ideas for Smarthome Dealers


Arrive at Your Destination Without Getting Lost
SkyNav Mobile Navigation System
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This GPS unit is a self-contained ready-to-go navigation system that uses maps and voice-delivered directions and plugs right into your car's cigarette lighter socket.

Shed Light on Your Projects With a Hands-Free Headlight!
High-Intensity LED Headlight
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Hold a flashlight AND use both hands while you work with this super long lasting, high-intensity LED headlight!

The Flashlight That Will Work When You Need It Most!
Lightwave 4000 High-Intensity LED Flashlight
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This amazing flashlight uses 10 ultra-bright, energy-efficient LEDs and can continuously shine for a month straight before needing new batteries!

Booster Cables, Battery Charger, and Air Compressor All in One!
Rechargeable Roadside Emergency System
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Gain the ultimate peace of mind with this roadside emergency kit, which not only contains booster cables and the power to jumpstart your car, but has an air compressor to re-inflate your tires, as well as a built-in work light.

Brew Fresh Coffee On the Go
12V Stainless Steel 10-Cup Coffee Maker
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Plug this coffee maker conveniently into your cigarette lighter socket for up to 10 cups of fresh-brewed coffee on the go.

Intelligent Coffee Mug Keeps Drinks Hot
Intellimug Blue
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Just plug this smart beverage container into your cigarette lighter socket, and you can enjoy a hot beverage any time you're on the go. This digital mug lets you set the perfect temperature for your coffee, tea or even soup!

Pocket-Sized Resource for Understanding Digital Lifestyle Technologies
Residential Pocket Terms & Definitions
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H. M. Heneveld has created this pocket guide to the latest vocabulary, which will help to guide you through today's industry jargon.

Remotes from $15 to $1500

Smarthome T-shirt XX-Large

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These 100% cotton shirts are comfortable to wear while shopping, exercising or when you're working on your home.

Smarthome Hat

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Now you can keep the sun out of your eyes with this stylish Smarthome hat. One size fits all and 100% cotton.


ButtKicker LFE
ButtKicker 2 Electromagnetic Transducer
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Hear AND feel your home theater system with this revolutionary accessory that literally moves the furniture and floor with ground-shaking realism!

Perfect Remote for the Armchair Athlete
8059 Football Universal TV Remote
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Ideal for the armchair quarterback in your family, this four-in-one padded football remote control can manage all of your video devices.

Harmony Remote Lets You See Movies, Hear Music, or Watch TV With One Touch
15-Device Harmony 676 Sport Remote
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Just press the Movie, Music, or TV button on this Harmony remote, and all your equipment will turn on and automatically adjust to the right settings for each scenario.

Compile Accurate Automotive Data on Your Car Without Visiting an Expensive Mechanic
Car Chip 300-Hour Diagnostic Tool
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We all love our cars. Until something starts going wrong, which can end up being extremely frustrating, since it never makes the same noise once it's in your mechanic's capable hands!

Find Your Lost Keys Every Time!
Finderz Keyperz
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Tired of organizing a search party every time you misplace your keys? Find them instantly with Finderz Keyperz, the smartest key finder system there is!

Capture and Edit Movies on PC
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The Xpert DVD maker USB 2.0 allows for both desktop and notebook users to transfer analog video signals to their hard drives and then edit home videos.

Watch TV on Your Computer Monitor!
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Enjoy sharp, stable, high-quality picture to your CRT or LCD computer monitor with the Xpert TV to VGA hi-res converter.

Transform Walls, Windows, Tables, and Nearly Any Solid Surface Into a Speaker
Solid Drive Set
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Surfaces the SolidDrive™ works with include: glass, drywall, granite, wood, laminate wood. Because the SolidDrive™ utilizes materials already existing in a room, it's ideal for installed home, commercial audio or a theater sound system.

This Flashlight Could Save Your Life
Magnetic Emergency Flashlight
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Be prepared for the unexpected with the flashlight that includes: a hammer designed to break windows, a cutter so sharp it cuts though seatbelts, flashers that blink to alert others you are in need of help and a magnetic mount in addition to the mounting bracket.


Plush Pup Talks to Your Dog and Dispenses Treats
Talk-to-me Treatpup
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Not only will this soft, cuddly puppy talk to your pet in your voice, and dispense treats, it contains a Small Talk-To-Me Treatball, a fun toy in itself!

Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfortable
Canine Cooler
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Your dog would do anything for you. So treat your best friend to the ultimate in pet beds.

No More Hungry Cats & Dogs!
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Your pets will never miss another meal with an incredible low-maintenance pet feeder that automatically dispenses your pet's food at any time you set!

Electromagnetic Cat Door Only Lets Your Cat or Small Dog Inside
Electronic Pet Door
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Protect your home from strays and rodents while allowing your pet free access.

Automatically Feed Your Dog or Cat
Automatic Pet Feeder - 96 Hour Pet Feeder
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5 compartments for dry or wet pet food that open at the time that you specify over a 96-hour period.

Stop Bad Kitty Behavior Humanely
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Stop your cat from scratching the furniture or going into off-limits areas that you designate with a system that includes a motion detector and a humane spray deterrent.


Intelligent Coffee Mug Keeps Drinks Hot
Intellimug Red
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Just plug this smart beverage container into your cigarette lighter socket, and you can enjoy a hot beverage any time you're on the go. This digital mug lets you set the perfect temperature for your coffee, tea or even soup!

Open Wine Bottles Without a Corkscrew
Air Pressure Cork Popper
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This advanced approach to uncorking wine is an almost effortless way to get into the bottle without tugging or pulling, and without a corkscrew!

Self-Watering System for House Plants
Green Drip-It Frog Plant Waterer
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This adorable frog will water your plants for you automatically for two weeks, meaning that you can relax on your vacation, knowing your greenery is safe.

Keep Your Wine Fresh Longer
Concerto Wine Saver
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Enjoy your wine for a longer period of time by keeping it fresh.


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