Danalock BTZU100SC Bluetooth/Z-Wave SmartLock, Silver


Danalock BTZU100SC Bluetooth/Z-Wave Smart Lock, Silver

No Keys, Just Your Smart Device
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and Z-Wave
  • Can be integrated into Z-Wave network
  • DIY installation
  • Remotely grant access while keeping track of who enters and when
  • Use your smartphone or finger to lock or unlock your door
  • Set time-controlled home access for visitors or workers
  • Send digital keys to friends and family to grant access



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  • With the Bluetooth and Z-Wave Danalock, you can get rid of house keys once and for all. Rather than scrambling for your keys or leaving them under the doormat, you can access and share access to the location of your choice with a click of your smartphone either through Bluetooth or Z-Wave. With Danalock, your favorite smart device or laptop carries a digital pair of keys for added convenience. Additionally, digital keys can be created and sent to friends or family to grant one-time or continuous access to the lock in the event entry is needed but no one is home to let them in. You can easily generate and send these virtual keys remotely from nearly any location using the Danalock app or Danalock home on your laptop.

    If you find yourself approaching your door with arms full of grocery bags, Danalock will sense your approaching digital key via Bluetooth and unlock the door automatically. Conversely, Danalock can also be programmed to lock automatically after entering. For extra security, use time control settings to give the housekeeper, the babysitter, employees, and party guests access to your home or business at specified times.

    This Danalock is equipped with Z-Wave for convenient connectivity. With Z-Wave, you can remotely operate and control your door lock when enrolled into your existing Z-Wave network. By adding the Danalock to your Z-Wave network it will now have the ability to communicate with the rest of your Z-Wave devices allowing for scenes to be created with the locking/unlocking of your door. If you prefer to operate your Danalock offline, use the Danalock app to grant access with your smartphone or tablet. With Z-wave and the companion app, you can view incoming and outgoing traffic in your home remotely through a smart device or computer. Battery status of Danalock is also logged, sending you an alarm when running low. Average battery life is two years.

    While this lock comes with a ton of features, installation is as simple as it gets; Danalock estimates a roughly 10 minute install time. Danalock easily screws into the location of your previous deadbolt. The Danalock comes with batteries inserted, but a thin plastic folio guarantees that your new Danalock is fully charged. Remove the folio and the Danalock will light up with a green light for 5-10 seconds. Now your Danalock is ready to be used. Want to combine Danalock with a booking system or another third party program? Professional installers can connect Danalock to other systems, making the smart lock a perfect fit for hotels, vacation rentals, and homecare providers.

    Download the Danalock app for iOS and Android devices here (Windows phone compatibility coming in early 2015):

    iOS App Download

    Android App Download
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Product No.BTZU100SC
    RadioBluetooth Low-Energy and Z-Wave
    Dimensions3.1" x 2"
    BatteryFour 3 volt CR123 batteries (included)
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    It works better controlling through Smartthings than with the Danalock App Review by D. Vo
    It works better controlling through Smartthings than with the Danalock App

    I use it with my Smartthings Hub and it works well. It works better controlling through Smartthings than with the Danalock App. It's sometime slow to respond but works for me. The Danalock app would sometimes connect and fail which is pretty inconvenient when trying to leave the house quickly.

    Posted on 12/30/2015

    Not as complicated and scary as you might think. Review by Just my two cents...
    Not as complicated and scary as you might think.

    This was a cinch to install. If you have installed a door lock and paired a blue tooth device to your phone, you should be able to handle this on your own. I got mine installed in about 20 minutes after I read the instructions and downloaded the app. It essentially take the place of the back of your door lock -- a retrofit devise. I had an initial concern that I would have to cut the little thingy (technical term there) that sticks out the back of the lock so it would fit the Danalock, but was pleasantly surprised that it fit without any modification. I have a fairly recently installed Schlage. Once installed there was a little hick-up. I couldn't understand why the Danalock could not turn the lock all the way. A quick search on the internet made it clear that you may need to change the torque on the Danalock in the settings. That determines how far the lock turns. After a couple of tries, I got it just right. I also linked the lock to my Wink hub. You can't adjust the settings in the Wink, however the interface is way more attractive. I initially thought Wink was recognizing whether the Danalock was locked or not. Not so. Wink just bases its choice of action on the last action. That is, if it was last unlocked using Wink or Danalock, Wink will give you the option to lock and vise versa. However, if it was manually locked/unlocked, neither the Danalock app nor the Wink app can recognize that it was locked/unlocked. So you really cannot tell from the app the current status of the lock -- which would have been helpful if you are checking in from another location. I would still set up your Danalock on their app and use the app to share keys, but use the Wink App for daily operation. I do hope the Danalock folks update their app or software to allow for an accurate status.

    Posted on 12/30/2015

    Waste of Time Review by Mapjack
    Waste of Time

    If this product came close to doing what it claims it can do, it wound be great, hoarder if doesn't! At best it preforms some features intermittently. Bluetooth did not work, WiFi on occasion and even the touch sensor could not be relied on. For a security device that needs to be relied on, Danalock fails miserably!

    Posted on 5/6/2015

    Works well for what it does, with a couple of gotchas and caveats Review by Druce
    Works well for what it does, with a couple of gotchas and caveats

    I recently purchased and installed the Danalock after flirting with the idea of using a Lockitron or Kwikset Kevo systems, or a lock that used Z-Wave exclusively. I liked the fact that the Danalock used Z-Wave, allowing it to work with my Smartthings hub, and did not make me replace the entire lock mechanism (I rent, and this would have been a deal killer). Now that it is installed, It works well, and I am trusting it enough that I even stopped the system from sending me confirmation alerts that the door locked behind me.

    All that said, I need to mention a couple of key things. First, the cam mechanism that connects the unit to your existing lock is extremely sensitive to how long the shaft of your existing lock sticks out of the door. In my case, it was a quarter inch too long. They recommend taking a hacksaw and shortening it, which kind of defeats the purpose of "installing it to your existing lock without modification." I fixed the problem by creating a stand-off shim between the Danalock and the door to add the additional length.

    The second issue is that it is extremely sensitive to alignment. This may have been exaserbated by the "shim" I jury rigged, but in any case, it if is not dead centered over the shaft, it is going to get stuck. It took a little trial and error for me to notice that the entire motor mechanism in the Danalock can skew, stopping the device from functioning. Had I noticed earlier, the install would have been an hour shorter.

    Finally, and I don't know if this is a problem, but there is a "clutch" mechanism to allow the lock to keep turning after the bolt has fully extended or retracted. This is probably to prevent the motor from burning out. Still it makes me cringe when I hear it, and I fear that the gears are stripping everything the motor fights against a fully turned lock. This shouldn't be a problem, but (at least with this version of the software), it doesn't seem to be aware, or communicate with my Smarthings system, whether or not the lock is locked or unlocked. When the lock is locked, and you tell it to lock itself again, you will hear about five seconds of grinding noises. Can't help but feel that this is a bad thing long term.

    Finally, the gear system just feels a little cheap. When locking the system manually, it always sounds like you are doing damage to it.

    In the end, once it is installed, it appears to be great. Installation can come with issues, and I am not sold on the long-term durability of the system. In the meantime, if you are looking for something that a) uses zwave b) does not require you to change out your locks, then Danalock is currently the only game in town, and it is not a bad choice.

    Posted on 12/10/2014

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