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 Great Gifts for Dads On The Move

Let This Controller Do the Work for You!
Automatic Pool Water Level Control
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This automatic level control keeps an eye on your pool water so you don?t have to. Over filling your pool wastes water and greatly reduces filter and skimmer effectiveness.

Avoid Damage to Your Car AND Your Garage!
Laser Guided Parking System
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Pull into the exact same spot in the garage, time and time again with laser-beam accuracy!

Change a Tire in Less Than 10 Minutes!
Remote Control Jack & EZ-Lug Combo
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The Remote Control Jack & EZ-Lug Combo tire changing kit allows you to effortlessly change a tire and be back on the road in a matter of minutes!

The Ultimate Vehicle Information Center!
Wayfinder V7000
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The Wayfinder V7000 is not only a precise, digital compass, it's also an altimeter, a barometer, a weather forecaster and an indoor/outdoor thermometer.

Feel the Heat in Your Seat!
Heated Car Seat Cushion
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Stay toasty warm in the car without roasting the other passengers with this extremely cozy 12V heated car seat cushion!

Be Seen and Be Saved!
SOS Turbo Flare
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Stay safe during roadside emergencies with the toughest, safest and most reliable roadside distress lighting product on the planet!

Flashlight, Radio and Charger Built Into One
Survivor Dynamo Light/Radio/Charger
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All in one AM/FM radio, flashlight, and charger, which make a great addition to any camping, overnight, or day trip.

You'll Never Miss a Word With This Digital Voice Recorder!
Digital Voice Recorder Voice Bank
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Record the most important details with the smallest digital recorder.

Solar Powered Pool PurifierSolar Powered Pool Purifier
Solar Powered Pool Purifier
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Enjoy swimming in the cleanest, softest water imagineable, without the smell or taste of chlorine, with this solar-powered pool purifier.

Protection for Car Doors and Walls!
Wall Guard
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Prevent costly damage to cars or walls with the Wall Guard, an easy-to-install protective barrier.

Keep 5 Tools Handy on a Convenient Key Ring!

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Make quick repairs on the spot with this ultra-light, pocket-size 5-in-1 tool that locks onto any key ring!

The Flashlight That Will Work When You Need It Most!
Lightwave 4000 High-Intensity LED Flashlight
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This amazing flashlight uses 10 ultra-bright, energy-efficient LEDs and can continuously shine for a month straight before needing new batteries!

Enjoy a Gentle Massage Anywhere, Indoors or Outdoors!
Massage Recliner
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Enjoy a relaxing massage at home, at the park or even at the ballpark with the totally portable Multi-Angle Massager Recliner!

Quickly and Easily Chill White Wines and Champagne
Single-Bottle Wine Chiller
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Chill your favorite wine or champagne in minutes with this sleek and stylish portable wine cooler.

Full Color Sony NAVITUS Remote Control
Sony NAVITUS Remote Control
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You've never seen anything like this remote control. You'll execute commands with the tactile feedback of Sony's TouchEngine™ screen. And you'll enjoy the power of fully customizable screens, keys, interfaces and wallpaper thanks to the supplied PC software.

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