Cyron HTP1502W1 Multicolor LED Lighting System PRO 2x15

Superior Quality and Ultimate Controllability
  • 15" PRO LED Lightbars
  • 54 Ultra Bright SMT LEDs per Lightbar
  • Smart Controller with 14 Pre-Programmed Modes
  • Two Music Mode Interacts with Ambient Sound
  • Hub with 6 Ports for Future Upgrades
  • 120 Degrees Light Dispersion
  • System Operation: 12VDC 5W
  • Power Supply 100-240VAC


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  • The Cyron HTP1502W1 Multicolor LED Lighting System PRO 2x15 is made of superior quality and ultimate controllability. Comes with a pair of 15" PRO lightbars, 54 ultra bright SMT LEDs, and 15foot cords per lightbar. Cyron HTP1502W1's enhanced smart controller can produce any color of light at a push of button and operate up to 30 functions remotely. LED technology saves up to 80% energy, produces no heat, operates at low voltages, therefore eliminating dangers associated with traditional lighting devices. HTP1502W1 utilizes the advanced infrared controller in a system that is hard to beat. Feature packed with plenty of room to expand. Cyron Multicolor LED Lighting System is compatible with HTPB15 and HTPB24 lightbars.

    This product is also available with 24" Lightbars.

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    • 2 - 15" PRO lightbars, 15foot cords per lightbar
    • Enhanced controller with 14 pre-programmed modes
    • Hub with 6 ports for future upgrades
    • Adjustable mounting brackets
    • 3M VHB tape and screws

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