Cross Point Industries VA-6000S Wireless Voice Alert Security System


Cross Point Industries VA-6000S Wireless Voice Alert Security System

Wireless Motion Detection at Its Best
  • Simple to set up and use, no professional wiring or installation required
  • Outdoor rated wireless sensor detects motion and base unit emits a voice-recorded alert
  • Adjustable mounting, beam sensitivity and delay timer
  • Additional sensors can be added to monitor up to 6 zones



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  • The Cross Point Industries VA-6000S Voice Alert System combines wireless and digital voice technology to create a flexible, cost-effective wireless security system. A wireless sensor can be placed almost anywhere inside or outside your home, and when it detects motion, a signal is sent back to the base unit from up to 1,000 feet (300 feet through walls) away. The base unit will then play a user (voice-recorded) message identifying that specific zone when the sensor is triggered. One motion sensor (zone) is included, and up to six total zones can be monitored (additional sensors sold separately). This solution serves as excellent plug and play alternative to hard wired security systems and the base unit even features multiple "C" relays enabling it to trigger additional devices or integrate into a larger security or home automation system.

    Installation Made Easy
    To install, simply mount the PIR where you need zone control, plug in the base unit and then record a voice message to identify each zone. Other features include: On/Off switch, adjustable volume control, missed message indicator, missed message playback, one button message check, and a low battery voice notification.

    Residential Security and Notification
    The Wireless Voice Alert System offers homeowners security, notification, convenience, and most of all peace of mind. Whether it is used as a simple driveway alarm or as a full wireless security system, Voice Alert System stands out by being easy to use, totally flexible and very cost-effective.

    1000-Foot Range
    With a range of up to 1000 feet (300 feet through walls) and the ability to trigger additional devices using "C" relays (lights, alarms, home automation), the Voice Alert System offers installers, homeowners, and automation enthusiasts an ideal solution for hard-to-wire situations. Common Residential Applications include: Driveway Alarm, Perimeter Security, Intruder Detection, Visitor Notification, Child Monitoring and Safety, Outside Structure Protection, Auto Security, and General Property Protection.

    Commercial Security Applications
    The Voice Alert System can support commercial users by monitoring their storeroom inventory, announcing customers, or even promoting products on sale. Since the Voice Alert System features user-recorded alerts, the variety of applications depends primarily on the type of commercial operation.

    Common Applications Alert Message Examples
    Storeroom or restricted access security "Someone in storeroom"
    Customized entry greeting to clients "Welcome to ABC Mart"
    Notification of customer entry "Customer out front"
    Shipment delivery notification "Delivery arriving"
    Annunciation of CCTV camera activity "Motion by camera 3"
    Warehouse inventory protection "Intruder by section J"

    Pool and Spa Safety
    There is no substitute for direct parent supervision. However, distractions happen and unfortunately that is when most water accidents occur. But with Voice Alert always on watch, you receive advanced warning when crucial seconds can mean the difference in saving a child's life.

    Advantages of Voice Alert
    • Alerts parents before a child is in the pool
    • Sounds in-home alerts where supervision is usually lost
    • Sets up in minutes and is exceptionally easy to use
    • Gives parents additional seconds that can mean everything
    • Lets users record their own alert messages
    • Expands as needed for other household dangers

    Need to monitor more than one station? Adding sensors is no problem; the system is capable of handling up to six sensors per base unit therefore giving you the ability to monitor up to six different zones. Each sensor is designed to monitor an additional zone. System-six monitors up to six zones using wireless PIR Sensors/Transmitters and a remote Receiver/Speaker Base Unit.

    Each sensor has a monitoring range of approximately 40 foot x 40 foot and is fully adjustable when mounting (rotating and pivoting). The sensor's method of detection is pyroelectric infrared (PIR) detection (heat) and is weatherproof.

    New Transmitters/Sensors
    Now you can use your existing security system sensors to trigger your Voice Alert. Add a Voice Alert NO/NC Transmitter to your system and you can use any type of NO or MC contact closure sensor. There's also a Vibration Sensor Transmitter you can add to learn when something has been bumped or moved. Attach to a door or gate, or to some item of value. Your Voice Alert will let you know someone has set it in motion.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Cross Point Industries
    Manufacturer Product No.: VA-6000S
    Monitoring Range: 40' x 40'
    Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 5 3/4"
    Power Supply: 9V battery (included)
    Warranty: 1 year

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    Review of 7138 Review by Ron
    Review of 7138

    When I bought the VA-6000 I couldn't get an answer as to how it alerted. I have the message set at it's lowest timed setting so we get a constant audio loop, Buddy is up and in the .... This will keep up continuously and we know where our son is until we get him back to bed. This is GREAT for us. We can sleep and not worry our son will hurt himself. We use our system inside the home. Our son is disabled and tends to awaken in the night and wander around the house. He will turn on water, stove, electric devices, etc. The range is excellent. I built stands for each unit, we put them out at night and store them in a drawer during the day. They don't have to be permanently mounted. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Posted on 8/12/2014

    Review of 7138 Review by PAUL
    Review of 7138

    We bought the Voice Alert several weeks ago and we are very happy that we did. Voice alert lets us know when someone is in a restricted area without having to look out the window. The sensors are very sturdy and accurate. Well worth the purchase price.--Paul.

    Posted on 7/5/2014

    Review of 7138 Review by DANIEL
    Review of 7138

    It's a great product that came just as advertised. It's a good advance warning system.

    Posted on 3/20/2014

    Review of 7138 Review by DANIEL L
    Review of 7138

    It's a great product that came just as advertised. It's a good advance warning system.

    Posted on 3/20/2014

    Review of 7138 Review by EDWARD
    Review of 7138

    This product works well but has a limited range; we bought an extra sensor but it did not transmit beyond 20 feet; the other sensor works well but it is relatively close to the receiver

    Posted on 3/2/2014

    Review of 7138 Review by VINCENT
    Review of 7138

    works great, lets me know whenever the dog wants in

    Posted on 1/15/2014

    Review of 7138 Review by JOE
    Review of 7138

    This unit works great and is really versatile. Installation was easy, and the dry contacts provide for easy interface with other devices if needed. Great value!

    Posted on 1/11/2014

    Review of 7138 Review by Paul
    Review of 7138

    Very hard to get he sensors adjusted properly. Too many false alarms.

    Posted on 4/30/2013

    Review of 7138 Review by ALBERT
    Review of 7138

    We've tried wireless security cameras with night vision, DVR and monitor. This was great until the kids found out that we had them and figured a way to get around the cameras without being detected. So we thought we would try the wireless Voice Alert system. We have 4 transmitters placed around our home. They're small and difficult to see. The kids haven't figured out a way to get around these things without triggering them. The Voice Alert System is perfect.

    Posted on 12/22/2011

    Review of 7138 Review by billlyh
    Review of 7138

    I use the VA-6000S system, and I love it! As for the sun, I don't have that problem, but, maybe the sensor would still work if you covered it with an old sunglasses lense. Or even just a shade over it, maybe it wouldn't help, I don't know. I think the sensor reads heat, so the lense might prevent it from picking up properly.

    Posted on 6/11/2011

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    • 1x - Base Station Power Adapter
    • 1x - Motion sensor
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