Cozy Products GM-1 GroMat Environmental Control Mat

Cozy Products GM-1 GroMat Environmental Control Mat

Give Your Garden a Head Start during the Colder Months to Save Time and Money in the Spring
  • Safe, waterproof material
  • Consistent warmth and temperature to maximize growth
  • Metal rack provides complete air circulation
  • Energy-saving startup for the winter months
  • Ideal for home gardeners, nurseries and general horticulture



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  • The Cozy Products GM-1 GroMat Environmental Control Mat maintains proper environmental control for delicate seedlings. Save time and money by maximizing germination rates and giving your garden an early boost for spring time. Raised metal rack allows for proper circulation and air flow, providing a controlled, healthy environment. Ideal for home gardeners, nurseries and general horticulture.

    • COZY personal heaters use a fraction of the energy of a typical space heater while keeping you perfectly comfortable.
    • ENERGY: Typical space heaters use 1500-2500 watts. They get dangerously hot and guzzle energy. COZY products use MUCH less energy to keep you warm.
    • RISK: Typical space heaters regularly cause fires and blow circuit breakers. COZY products reduce risk, increasing safety & peace-of-mind.
    • GREEN: Typical space heaters cost dollars to run your meter runs up fast! Energy-saving COZY products cost pennies to run. Everyone wins: you and the planet.
    • TURN DOWN THE THERMOSTAT: With Cozy products, you stay snug without over-heating the whole room. Save money!
    • COMFORT: COZY products keep your legs and feet warm so the rest of you feels comfortable. COZY makes you more productive at work or at home!
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    Review of 61784 Review by SHERRIE L
    Review of 61784

    Thrilled to still find these available. My 1st one was purchased in '97 and still works great. I was in need of a couple more. Thanks!

    Posted on 11/14/2012

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