SMARTHOME - Corporate FAQs

What problem or need does Smarthome address with its products? Smarthome provides consumers with products that 'make life more convenient, safe and fun.' For example, Smarthome lighting controllers make life more convenient by allowing consumers to turn off all house lights before exiting the home with the touch of a single button, through the Internet or by cell phone while away from home. Smarthome offers home security and surveillance products, including the five-piece security starter kit, which alerts users, though e-mail or by phone, when it detects movement in the home. Its home automation products, such as the voice-activated remote control for a home entertainment system and electronic gadgets for kids, add an element of 'fun' as well as function to the life of the average consumer.

What is the approximate price range of Smarthome's products? Smarthome offers products that generally range in price from $10 for a basic lighting control kit containing a lamp module and controller that automates a lamp to $100 for a deluxe lighting control kit that automates and controls up to four lamps or appliances.

How easy are home automation products to install and use? Smarthome's products are as easy to install as removing a plug from the outlet, replacing it with a light module and re-inserting the plug into the module. Other Smarthome products may require turning off the home electricity and replacing a conventional switch with an energy-efficient Smarthome switch. Once the products are installed, utilizing the technology is as simple as pressing a single button on the remote to turn on home theater devices, or pressing the off button on the switch next to the front door when exiting the home to turn off all house lights.

What differentiates Smarthome from its competitors? Smarthome offers the most comprehensive selection of home automation products of any company in the industry. Smarthome finds the best products on the market, at the most competitive prices, and makes them available to consumers in one convenient place. Smarthome also has the ability, through the SmartLabs Design division, to improve upon existing technologies in order to meet consumer's needs.

How many products does Smarthome offer? Smarthome has more than 9,000 products available through its direct mail catalog, Web site at and by phone.

Does Smarthome manufacture any of its own products? The SmartLabs Design product line is our best-selling product line.

What are the divisions of SmartLabs? SmartLabs is comprised of five divisions.
  • is the e-commerce site that offers consumers diverse product lines ranging from home security and surveillance to pet automation and gadgets. The products available on and in print catalogs are also sold by phone.
  • SmarthomePro sells both proprietary and other manufacturers' products to home and business installation contractors.
  • SmartLabs Design is its proprietary product engineering division, aimed at improving existing technology and designing new products that address consumer needs.
  • Our Smarthome Retail Store stocks thousands of products at our Irvine, CA headquarters.

    Where can consumers purchase the products? Smarthome's products are available though their direct mail catalog, Web site at, telephone (800-762-7846), and our Smarthome Retail Store.

    Who is Smarthome's typical customer? Originally, Smarthome's customers were early-adopters of technology. However, in recent years, Smarthome has increased sales to average consumers by educating them on how inexpensive, easy-to-use and convenient home automation products can be. In the future, Smarthome expects home automation products to be as common as a garage door opener or TV remote control.

    What is Smarthome's warranty policy? All Smarthome products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and free technical support. Smarthome's support staff stands behind the company's mission and is dedicated to providing information all products offered by Smarthome as well as tailoring product suggestions to each individual's needs and budget.

    What is Smarthome's technical support program? Smarthome offers free technical support for all the products its sells. Smarthome's technical team helps consumers find the right products for their needs, keeping in mind budget and experience using home automation products. The technical support team can help consumers install or operate of any products purchased from Smarthome.

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