Cooper Wiring Devices RFBER Aspire RF Home Controller

Control Lighting, Temperature, Blinds, Security and Much More
  • Provides seamless integration working with all Aspire RF components and a comprehensive array of third party devices
  • The system may be managed via any web browser
  • Includes calendar-based functions (Events) for easy scheduling
  • Includes true



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  • Cooper Wiring Device's Aspire RF Home Controller is an advanced home automation controller that's designed to simplify your life by integrating and automating the major systems of your home. Use it to monitor and control lighting, appliances, climate, security, telephones, irrigation, window shades and home entertainment equipment. Easily keep tabs on your home and family with any web browser. Receive emails or calls when things happen at home or people come and go.

    Additional Features:

    • Supports the widest variety of user interfaces, including in-wall button controllers, touchscreens, wireless remotes, PDAs, Pocket PCs, cellphones and voice (microphones)
    • Designed for voice control by microphone and telephone
    • Automation events may be created 'on-the-fly' using voice commands
    • Built-in power failure recovery feature runs events missed during outages when power is restored
    • Easy unit management and configuration on- or off-site. Easily add/change schedules or troubleshoot issues from anywhere
    • Embedded Protection Technology - protects the operating system from unwanted writes during normal operation and to guard against file corruption from virus spyware and malware attacks
    • Embedded Monitoring Technology is a hardware watchdog that is reset from within the Aspire RF HS2-PRO scheduler. If the scheduler stops running for any reason, it will reset the unit. This results in virtually 100% uptime for the unit
    • The included text-to-speech engine allows for system reminders, alerts and announcements using synthesized or
      (optionally) concatenated human speech models
    • The system also includes a powerful scripting interface that supports popular scripting languages such as VBScript, VB.NET, JavaScript, Python and Perl

    About Aspire RF
    ASPIRE RF with Z-Wave technology is a new generation of easy-to-install and easy-to-use wireless RF-based home control technology. With a full array of one-touch controllers and a wide range of wiring devices that can be integrated together, creating a wireless home control network using ASPIRE RF is easy. Best of all, installing an ASPIRE RF wireless system requires no special wiring or rewiring, making it ideal for retrofitting existing homes and for new home construction.

    Aspire RF and Z-Wave
    The high versatility and dependability of ASPIRE RF is made possible by the use of Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave is a highly versatile and dependable RF-based home control technology that effectively transforms any component into an intelligently
    networked device that can be controlled and monitored wirelessly. ASPIRE RF products are compatible with any Z-Wave certified device. This interoperability with other manufacturer's devices provides maximum flexibility and expandability.
    Each ASPIRE RF unit functions as a repeater, using 908 MHz signals to ensure that every command is carried out. Z-Wave's 'mesh network' offers extremely high performance and greater reliability than many control systems.

  • Performance
    Control Software: Aspire RF HS2-PRO w/Monitoring Software
    Operating System: Windows XP Embedded w/Protection Software
    Mechanical: Fan-less, diskless design
    Processor: 1.0 GHz VIA C7
    DDR Memory: 1 Gb DDR2
    Storage: 4 Gb DOM

    Performance Consideration
    An Aspire RF Z-Wave enabled device must be within 60 feet of another Z-Wave enabled device to participate in a Z-Wave wireless mesh network.

    Connnection Interface
    Serial Ports: (4) 9-pin RS232
    USB Ports: (3) USB 2.0
    Audio: Mic in / Line in / Li ne out
    Network: (1) 10/100 Ethernet LAN Port
    Monitor: SVGA
    PS2 Ports: Keyboard & Mouse

    Power Specifications
    Power Consumption: 10 watts (nominal)
    Power Supply: 120-240v, 50/60 Hz

    Minimum System Requirements
    Initial Setup: Broadband Internet Connection; Home Network Router
    Regular Access: Internet Explorer 6.0+; Internet access for remote device or network access for local device

    Technologies Supported
    Lighting Standards: Z-Wave, X10
    HVAC Standards: RCS, CamStat, HomePro, Aprilaire, Enerzone, HAI, Proliphix, Z-wave Thermostats
    Infrared Standards: ADI Ocelot, Smarthome IRLinc 1623PC, JDS IR, XPander, Nirvis Slink-e
    Digital I/O - Contact Closure Standard: ADI Ocelot / SECU-16
    Testing & Code Compliance
    Controller - CE, RoHS
    USB stick - FCC, Z-wave

    Manufacturer: 2 year limited product warranty

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    • (1) Controller Hardware unit
    • (1) Pre-loaded Aspire RF HS2-PRO software
    • (1) RFUSB-PROX (Z-wave USB Stick)
    • (1) 3' USB extension cord
    • (1) One Power Supply Unit
    • (1) One Power Cord

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