Cooper Wiring Devices RF9536DS Aspire RF 1000W Incandescent Smart Dimmer - Desert Sand

Replace your Existing Switches and Gain Z-Wave Remote Control of your Home Lighting
  • Can be associated with up to 5 other devices
  • Seven step blue LED display alongside push pad indicates selected light level and reduces brightness when off (night light feature)
  • Programmable rapid and delayed fading up to 4 minutes (default is 10 seconds)
  • Compatible with Aspire RF Accessory Dimmer (RF9542-Z) for wireless 3-way control, eliminating the need for traditional 3-way wiring or dedicated traveller wire



List Price: $195.00

Your Savings: $110.01

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  • The Cooper Wiring Devices RF9536DS Aspire RF 600W Incandescent Smart Dimmer replaces a regular switch to provide local and remote ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control. Aspire RF Dimmers provide other programmable functions (scenes, events, association, child lockout, etc.) when used with Aspire RF or other Z-Wave® compliant controllers*. Each dimmer can be manually and remotely controlled by commands sent from an Aspire RF controller (RFTDCSG, RFHDCSG, RFBER) or other Z-Wave compatible controllers or programs. Aspire RF Dimmers utilize existing 120 V/AC 60Hz standard house wiring and fit into standard wallboxes. No new wiring needed. The Smart Dimmer is also available in Alpine White, Silver Granite, and White Satin.
    *(Note: some specific Aspire RF features may not be programmable)

    • Softly curving arch; contrasting textures; velvet-smooth, quiet actuation; and colors that subtly complement each other make
      Aspire RF devices an integral element of any decor
    • Virtually unbreakable, ultrasonically welded top and backbody, extra-long, extra-wide mounting straps and easy access ground screws provide reliability and speeds up installation
    • Electro-mechanical push pad for On/Off operation with separate Dim/Bright bar
    • LED light-level display for presetting illumination levels and master/accessory units for multi-location control
    • Amber LED at bottom of LED display indicates On/Off load status
    • Single button programming
    • Adjustable ramp rate (up to 4 minutes)
    • Child Lockout feature
    • All-On/All-Off inclusion
    • Patent-pending Panic Mode
    • Patented indicator system alerts if dimmer is not set up in the network
    • Pressing and holding push pad for 2 seconds brings light to full brightness without affecting preset levels
    • Power failure memory
    • Configurable 'Power On State'
    • Air-gap switch disconnects power from load forcing an Off condition
    • RFI filtering for radio, audio and video equipment
    • RF5537-N is configurable to work with Advance Mark 10, AmbiStar and Lutron Tu-wire dimmable

    About Aspire RF
    ASPIRE RF with Z-Wave technology is a new generation of easy-to-install and easy-to-use wireless RF-based home control technology. With a full array of one-touch controllers and a wide range of wiring devices that can be integrated together, creating a wireless home control network using ASPIRE RF is easy. Best of all, installing an ASPIRE RF wireless system requires no special wiring or rewiring, making it ideal for retrofitting existing homes and for new home construction.

    Aspire RF and Z-Wave
    The high versatility and dependability of ASPIRE RF is made possible by the use of Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave is a highly versatile and dependable RF-based home control technology that effectively transforms any component into an intelligently
    networked device that can be controlled and monitored wirelessly. ASPIRE RF products are compatible with any Z-Wave certified device. This interoperability with other manufacturers' devices provides maximum flexibility and expandability.
    Each ASPIRE RF unit functions as a repeater, using 908 MHz signals to ensure that every command is carried out. Z-Wave's 'mesh network' offers extremely high performance and greater reliability than many control systems.

    • Testing & Code Compliance
      • Regulatory Listings: cULus 6B28; UL 1472; NOM; ANSI; FCC PART 15, CLASS B; Z-Wave Certified
    • Environmental
      • Flammability meets UL 94 requirements V2 rated
      • Temperature rating: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    • Electrical
      • Rating: 120V/AC 60Hz
      • Light Intensity Control: Full-range, continuously variable dimming
      • Dimming Performance: Smooth and Continuous Square Law Dimming Curve
      • Surge Protection: Meets ANSI/IEEE Std. C62.41-1980, tested to withstand voltage surges up to 6000V and current surges of up to 200A without damage
      • Radio Frequency Interference: Designed to reduce interference with radio, audio and video equipment
      • Power-failure Memory: Light returns to same level prior to power interruption
      • Lamp Ratings: Incandescent, Halogen, Magnetic Low-Voltage, Electronic Low-Voltage, Fluorescent
    • Mechanical
      • Termination:
        • 6" Pre-stripped wire leads
        • 600W - #16 AWG
        • 1000W - #14 AWG
      • Wiring Types: Single-Pole and Multi-location
      • LED Indicators: Load Status Indicator, Light Level & Locator
      • Air-gap Switch: Meets UL 20 and UL1472 for inclusion of visible, accessible air-gap off switch
    • Materials
      • Top Housing: Polycarbonate
      • Bottom Housing: Polycarbonate
      • Strap: Aluminum
      • Form Factor: Decorator
      • Finish: Two-tone - Gloss and Matte
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