CookStop CSA-4WP-IRF Oven Auto-Shutoff 4 Prong Plug In Kit


CookStop CSA-4WP-IRF Oven Auto-Shutoff 4 Prong Plug In Kit

Prevents Kitchen Fires by Automatically Powering-Off Stove if Left Unattended
  • Automatically shuts off stove if left unattended for 5 minutes (adjustable from 1-60 minutes)
  • Motion sensor monitors kitchen for movement
  • Countdown resets when motion is detected
  • For use with homes and buildings typically built after 1993
  • Compatible with stoves that connect to outlet using 4 prong power plug


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  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimated that in 2010 there were 156,400 cooking related home fires and the leading contributor to these was unattended stovetops. This is something that can happen to anyone because you never know when a distraction will arise that pulls you away from the kitchen for longer than expected. It could be a phone call you weren't expecting but need to take, someone at the door, a child requiring your undivided attention and the list goes on and on. Here to help protect you when these distractions occur is the CookStop 4 Prong Plug In Kit which acts as a fire prevention aid for an electric stove. Once installed, the control unit's motion sensor will monitor the movement in the kitchen whenever the stove is turned on. As movement is detected it will reset the 5 minute count down timer and continue this process as long as someone is in the kitchen. If, however, the person cooking ends up being pulled out of the kitchen for longer than 5 minutes then the CookStop device will automatically shut-off power to the stove to prevent overheating and potential fire. The CookStop 4 Prong Kit is not only great for residential home use but also dorms, apartments, senior living homes and office buildings where distraction is easy.

    The CookStop 4 Prong Plug In Kit is designed for homes and buildings typically built after 1993. It is for use with electric stoves that connect to a 220V power outlet behind the stove using a 4 pronged plug. The 4 prong power unit plugs into the wall outlet and then the stove power cord plugs directly into the power unit. To determine what type of power plug your stove has first turn off the stove breaker, pull your stove away from the wall, unplug the power cord and look at the number of prongs used to plug into the socket.

    The CookStop Kit is also available in the following models, sold separately:
    • CookStop 3 Prong Plug In
    • CookStop Direct Wire

      The CookStop control unit is preprogrammed to automatically shut-off the stove if left unattended for more than 5 minutes. This however can be adjusted when needed for meals that are slow cooking and do not require someone to be in the kitchen consistently. The control unit can also be programmed with lockout times in which the stove will be unable to power on without an override. This feature is ideal for families with young children or for seniors who would require the assistance of someone else to help or be nearby.
    • Specifications
      Manufacturer Agate Industries
      Manufacturer Product No. CSA-4WP-IRF
      UPC 741459250065
      Dimensions L 12in x W 6in x H 6in
      Weight 4 lbs
      Plug In Power Unit Dimensions L 4.5in x W 5.5in x H 2.5in
      Power Source 220V outlet
      Stove Power Plug Prongs 4
      Stove Compatibility Electric with 4 prong power plug
      Auto Shut-Off 5 minutes if no motion is detected
      Timer Duration Adjustable from 1 to 60 minutes
      Adjustable Shut-Off Settings Yes
      Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
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      • 1x - Control Unit
      • 1x - 4 prong power unit
      • 1x - Connecting cable, 10ft
      • 1x - Control unit mounting bracket
      • 2x - Control unit screw
      • 4x - Bracket screw
      • 1x - Manual

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